Why Should you Choose Raw Honey?

What is raw honey

You should choose raw honey simply because Honey is the most heat sensitive natural food in the world and heavy processing by means of Heating and ultrafiltration rob most of its health benefits.

The industry practice of heavy processing and adulteration made honey just another sweet harmful confectionary.

On the contrary Raw honey contains many beneficial micronutrients, bee pollen and live enzymes. which can make positive changes in our health.

Following are few commonly asked questions which we try to answer for your benefit.

What is the meaning of raw honey?

Raw honey simply means honey as present in the honeycomb before extraction. Slight warming and staining do not make honey processed. But the industry practice of heavy heating and ultrafiltration make honey a commercial of processed honey.
The major distinctive feature of raw honey is its Natural aroma and presence of live enzymes.

honey bees on flowers The taste and aroma of Raw Honey give a hint of the source of flowers.

choose raw honey Live enzymes in Raw honey gives you feeling in the throat and stomach. It makes you feel fresh and healthy.

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What are the benefits of raw honey?

All the nutritional and medicinal benefits of honey which we are attributed to natural honey are actually of benefits of raw honey.
Raw honey is rich in phytonutrients which are responsible for the antioxidants property of honey.
It Boosts immunity, treats allergies, solve stomach problems, helps lose weight, heals burn and cut wounds. Raw honey can also be used as a natural face pack.
For details refer to my article “health benefits of honey”

How to use raw honey?

sugar vs honeyThe best way to consume raw honey is to eat as such. whenever you crave sweet just taste honey it is far better than any artificial sweet or confectionary.

honey and water for weight lossRaw Honey can be consumed with lemon and water for various health benefits. (Dissolve honey in a glass of water add few drops of lemon according to taste and have it).

fruit salad sweeten your fruit salad with raw honey. It helps treat your acidity problem.

What is Raw HoneySpread raw honey on bread or chapatis. It is the best breakfast you can have.

honey on cereal Add Raw honey to a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. It makes the dish more healthy.

cinnamon and honeyRaw honey and cinnamon can treat and prevent various ailments. (Make fresh powder of cinnamon mix with honey and eat as such)

honey face pack Raw honey as such or with turmeric and Multani mitti can be used as a natural face pack.

honey with milk Milk sweeten with honey given to children, helps in the absorption of calcium. Milk & honey helps treat insomnia (loss of sleep).

tea with honey sweeten your tea with honey. It is far better than white table sugar.

How much raw honey can you consume in a day?

You can consume six teaspoons of raw honey in a day safely. That is when honey is the only sweetener you are using on that day.

raw honey consumption per day
Raw honey contains more than 75% carbohydrates. It is a calorie-rich food. Take advice from a dietician if you want to consume more quantity of honey.

Is raw honey good for you?

yes indeed, raw honey is good for our health, It contains many beneficial micronutrients required for our body. Raw honey is far better than supermarket honey which is heavily processed or/and adulterated with rice syrup.
That is why you should choose raw honey
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Where can I get Raw honey near me?

Finding raw honey near you is not always possible. That is why there are few brands that procure and pack raw honey. Bharat Honey is a pioneer to pack different floral honey in raw form. You can always buy raw honey online from bharathoney.com.

Why raw honey is not advised for children?

Though it is an age-old custom of giving honey to newborns. But after discovering that Clostridium botulinum spores can survive in honey, doctors advised not to use honey below one year of age. Clostridium botulinum spores can do no harm to grown children, adults or old age people.

What is the price of raw honey?

Raw honey can be monofloral or multi-floral honey. While multi-floral honey often has a constant price monofloral honey price may vary and fluctuate a lot.

Like any other natural product, Price is decided by supply and demand. A few honey with high demand and less supply attracts more price For eg Acacia honey from Kashmir.

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If you are seeking health benefits from honey never go for synthetic commercial honey. Instead, choose Raw honey.

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