Who Can Do Beekeeping? Let’s know it!

Many people want to do beekeeping and think that they can do it from the comfort of their home or the open space they have.

Here are the common questions they ask “can a normal person do the beekeeping?” If yes, how to do it? If no, then why?

Let’s dive into knowing the practical answers to these questions:

Beekeeping is a migratory profession. You cannot do beekeeping just sitting at one place with the bee boxes. Here are the reasons why:


1. Nature and the flora decide where to keep the bee boxes: We cannot!

The reason is, honeybees need nectar from the flowers to make honey. So, beekeeping takes place where there is a good flowering season.

And the flowering season stays for a short term. It takes place in one particular area and at one particular time of the year across India. Therefore, different geographical area has different flowering seasons.

Therefore, a beekeeper always migrates from one place to another, mostly in deep forest areas or jungles where there is a good flowering season.

They also keep the bee boxes in different fields during different cropping seasons. They are like the mustard flower, sunflower, Sesame flowers and more. Honey bees love the nectar from these crops.

So, honeybees make and give you abundant natural honey from these crop flowers during their seasons.

Honeybees – the great pollinators:

The primary role of honeybees is a pollinator. Without honeybees, we cannot grow crops, vegetation and fruits on earth. It is quite impossible! Ultimately, honeybees are an essential part of our ecosystem.

2. Honeybees look for nectar-rich flowers. They say no to sugar feeding:

In fact, this is what bees need to survive – the nectar-rich flowers. We cannot provide artificial nectar to bees to survive once the flowering season is over. Sugar feeding is not the right choice for the bees either and they don’t like it too.

3. If you can do the following, then take up this profession:

If you are ready to take the bees in the bee boxes to any place where there is a flowering season, if you are ready to live in jungles in a makeshift tent away from your comfort zone, you can take up the beekeeping profession with these hurdles.

4. Our suggestion: Spend a complete season with the beekeeper:

It is always advisable to be with a beekeeper for a complete season before taking up the beekeeping profession. You can observe the whole beekeeping process and get first-hand experience.

In addition, you would come to know the hurdles a beekeeper goes through and the day in and day out activities of a beekeeper.

You would come to know how they live alone in different forest areas with bee boxes.

Also, you can experience the bee boxes inspection process, what diseases that bees may suffer and how to identify them, and if they are collecting good nectar or not and other such essential inspection.

Finally, when to harvest honey and its extraction process.

How does the migration happen?

Beekeepers seal and load the bee boxes with bees in a lorry once a particular flowering season is over.

They cover the lorry with the safety net to safely transport the bee boxes from one particular flowering season (place) to the other.

You also have to carry all the beekeeping equipment along with this.

So, this cycle of migration continues throughout the year. Therefore, it is a seasonal profession. Impossible to do it being at one place.

For example:

Kashmir Acacia Honey: Beekeepers keep the bee boxes during acacia flower season in pollution-free Kashmir Valley during the mid-month of May.

Jamun Honey: During May – June, Jamun flowers bloom in plenty in the northern part of India. So, beekeepers migrate with bee boxes to collect the Jamun honey from there.

Sidr Honey: It comes from the JUJUBE flower, which blooms during October in the desert region. So beekeepers migrate there during this month to collect Sidr honey.

Litchi Honey: The litchi flower blooms in plenty during August and September in Bihar, Punjab, and Uttrakhand. Beekeepers collect Litchi honey during these months.

Multiflora Honey: It comes from the multi flowers that bloom in the forest area of different regions.


If you want to do beekeeping, then you need to work harder than a farmer. It is not as simple as we think and understands it to be.

And, Beekeeping is a seasonal and migratory profession but not that you can start from the comfort of your home or one particular place.

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