How do Honey Bees Make Honey?

Honey Bees Make Honey

Honey is made by the honeybees using flowers nectar in a honeycomb. It sounds simple! However, the process of making honey is a much more difficult journey for honeybees. Honeybees work collectively as a team in the honeycomb. Their team consists of three types of honeybees in a colony: 1. Queen bee 2. Drone bee 3. Worker bee Let’s … Read more

Honey Varieties in India?

Types of Honey in India

Floral honey varieties (Monofloral honey) is a type of honey, made from one type of flower nectar. Most honey comes from bees foraging many different flowers: these honey are called Multiflora honey. Yet few flowers provide enough nectar during a short season, they can yield honey as a monofloral honey. As it is not possible to have only one … Read more

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