Honeydew and Blossom Honey

Natural Honey

Honey is a sweet substance that includes glucose and fructose. It is made by the bees from the nectar of the flowers. The melodious word ‘honey’ is the result of bees hard work of making the natures first heavenly sweet substance. Honey – Nectar is a liquid which is made of complex sugar and 80% … Read more

Honey and Calcium Absorption

Raw Honey

Honey is a natural food that contains various bioactive benefits such as polyphenols to help smooth calcium absorption to strengthen the bones. Polyphenols are natural compound, they are antioxidant that combat diseases and potential damage to the body. Also, The sugar found in Raw Honey and Vitamin D enhances the calcium abosorption in human body. … Read more

Raw Honey Remedies

Unprocessed Honey Remedies

Raw Honey has a great value which helps to manage various health problems. It is an essential ingredient in various ancient remedies. Raw Honey plays a vital role in maintaining and improving the health condition and keeps you free from physical and mental illness. Because Raw Honey contains useful antioxidant, antimicrobial, natural enzymes, vitamins and … Read more

Which is Best Honey? Choose the Best Honey Brands Available in India.

Raw Organic Honey

The trending questions nowadays are, which honey is best? which is the best honey brand in India? which one is purest? Which is more useful for health? Best organic honey in India? Best quality honey brands in India and other honey brands in India. Being in the industry for three long decades we have tried … Read more

Raw Honey or Regular Honey

Raw Honey vs Regular Honey

What makes Raw Honey so distinct than Regular Honey? Honey is a naturally sweet liquid made by honey bees in a honeycomb that has live enzymes and antioxidants. The role of honey-bee in making honey is unimaginable. Honey, as it is present in the honeycomb and extracted in a hygienic manner, is RAW HONEY. In olden days, people had … Read more

Moisture content or water content in Natural honey

Pure honey

To understand the moisture content in honey, we should understand the process of honey-making by honey bees. Honeybees collects nectar from flowers to make honey. Nectar have around 70% water. A honeybee collects nectar and process it through regurgitation and deposited into hexagonal honeycomb cell. Honeybees then dry out the excess moisture through fanning by … Read more

The reality of – honey testing at home.

Natural Honey

If you browse you may find many simple methods to check the purity of honey at home. following are the most popular conventional purity tests: Water test or solubility test Thumb test flame or burn test blot test or flow on cloth test Honeycomb shape on the bottom test Ant test Dog test As a … Read more

Ancient Uses of honey

Raw Honey

Honey is both food and medicine since the stone age. Let’s go through some ancient uses of honey. Ancient Uses of Honey: Honey has been in use across the world since ancient times. Many practitioners trust and use honey as a natural healing ingredient. Here’s how honey has been used by our ancestors. In India … Read more

What is Honey Processing?

Natural honey

Processing of honey is a chronological procedure that involves heating, filtration and moisture reduction. Nowadays in the market mostly processed or synthetic honey is available. People during the olden times used to consume honey by extracting directly from the beehives. The honey extracted directly from the beehive is raw honey, which is the truest form … Read more

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