How Bees Make Honey? Here is the Scientific Detail!

Bees Make Honey

Bees are super intelligent insect! They perform buzz of activities stage by stage in a clever manner to make this nutritious food – Honey! These are well-organized and well-controlled scientific activities carried out by honey bees. Truly a Journey worth exploring! Honey bees make honey as their food to eat themselves and store the rest … Read more

How Bees Make Honey

How do Honey Bees Make Honey

How bees make honey? Flowers produce nectar to attract pollinators like honey bees. Bee pollen is also present on the anther of flowers. Honey bees need both nectar and bee pollen for their hives. Honey bees have to visit 100s of flowers before going back to the hive, visiting different flowers transfers pollen from one … Read more

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