Talbina With Dry Fruits

Talbina With Dry Fruits

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Bharat’s Talbina with Dry Fruits is more nutritious and delicious for your breakfast now.

It includes dry fruits like Almonds, Pistachio, Cashew, Dates and Raisins. All in one nutritious pack. It saves your time to add these dry fruits separately. We made it easy for you!

The main ingredient is Talbina, the whole barley flour that is rich in fibre. It is helpful for digestion problems, removing bad cholesterol, and ideal energy food for people with diabetes.

So, no frustration in choosing a healthy breakfast now. Enjoy Talbina with Dry Fruits adding Bharat’s Natural honey for a sweet taste.



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Talbina with dry fruit is made from barley flour and dry fruits that find its place as a healthy breakfast for kids, adults and elders.

What makes it so healthy?

The main ingredient, barley flour offers valuable health benefits for those who have digestion and bad cholesterol problems. Similarly, the dry fruits in barley flour make it a nutritious combination.

Especially, it is a quick and healthy breakfast for school going kids. Easy to make and ready to eat nutritious breakfast in just 15 minutes for all.

Know about Talbina, its history and its benefits to your health.

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    Great for breakfast

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Talbina With Dry Fruits
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