Pain Oil

Pain Oil


Bharat’s Pain Oil includes essential herbal oils that may help in relieving joint pain, muscular pain and backache.

It has various medicinal herbs which are useful for pain relief.

Bharat’s Pian Oil is 100% natural as it doesn’t contain any chemicals, preservatives and steroids.

So, you may use Bharat’s Pain Oil to relieve pain.

Direction for use:

Take sufficient quantity of oil and apply to the affected area. And message gently till the oil has observed.

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    Bharat’s Pain oil is a unique formulation of essential oil and herbs. It may help in relieving joint pain, muscular pain and backache.

    This pain oil includes various herbs as ingredients that may offer quick relief from different pain.

    It contains Ingredients like:

    1. Trachypermum Ammi Sprague
    2. Calotropos Gigantea Linn
    3. Zingiber Officinale ros
    4. Olchicum Luteum Baker
    5. Mentharvensis
    6. Camphor
    7. Brassica Niger

    Let’s know the effectiveness of each ingredient:

    Trachypermum Ammi Sprague: Known as Ajwain:

    It is in use traditionally as ayurvedic medicine for many years. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and thymol values which may help in providing relief from severe pain.

    Calotropis Gigantea Linn:

    We call this herb giant milkweed. It includes latex which has good medicinal effects for certain diseases, mainly in joint pain.

    Zingiber Officinale ros:

    It is an aromatic spice that we call ginger. Furthermore, It is quite popular in several medicinal uses as an essential oil to apply topically.

    Furthermore, Zingiber Officinale is the right plant for curing arthritis pain.

    Olchicum Luteum Baker:

    It is a medicinal flower plant that contains toxic alkaloid and colchicine, which may be useful externally to relieve pain.


    Menthol mint is the popular name of Mentharvensis. Its leaves are useful for medicinal purpose. So, these plant leaves are good ingredients in this pain oil remedy.


    The Camphor oil comes from Camphor wood which is useful in relieving pain, itching and irritation.

    Brassica Niger:

    It is black mustard which is mostly in use as a spice. This oil is also beneficial for relieving various body pain.

    Direction for use:

    Take a sufficient quantity of oil and apply it to the affected area. And message gently till the oil has observed.


    This pian oil comes with essential medicinal plants useful in relieving painful conditions such as joint pain, backache and muscular pain.

    After using this, if the pain persists, then consult your general physician. Finally, don’t consider this as a complete remedy for your prescribed medicine.


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