100% Natural Beeswax Air Purifying Candles

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100% Natural Beeswax Air Purifying Candles


Pack of 1 – 90gm.

A beeswax candle is the best and most natural alternative to harmful paraffin wax or regular candles.

Natural Beeswax candle purifies the air through negative ionization.

It means it keeps bacteria, virus allergens and dust particles away in the air.

It is healthy and beneficial for all on all occasions. Moreover, a good relief for asthma patients.

So, use Beeswax candles to keep your home atmosphere clean and healthy naturally. Say no to harmful regular candles.

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A beeswax candle is a 100% natural product.

How does honeybee make beeswax?

Honey bees make wax to build the hexagonal shape beehive for various purposes.

For example, nurturing their newborn bees (Larvae), feeding them, making and keeping honey safe by sealing it with wax.

However, the use of Beeswax for candles and other cosmetic products for humans are becoming essential. And also popular due to its Vitamin A, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties.

It is a go-to product for making several useful products using beeswax.

The most desired is a candle because it purifies the air through negative ionization, unlike regular ones made from paraffin wax that causes toxic air.


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100% Natural Beeswax Air Purifying Candles
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