Multiflora Forest Honey (Glass Jar) 350g

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Multiflora Forest Honey (Glass Jar) 350g

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NECTAR SOURCE: Curry leaves tree flowers, bansa flowers, starflowers and furly flowers.
TASTE: Sweet taste may vary from mild to rich
AROMA: Exotic Aroma
COLOUR: Light amber colour
CONSISTENCY: Thick liquid
GEOGRAPHICAL REGION: Forest areas of India

Bharat’s Multiflora Forest Honey in Glass bottle offers the best pure honey from the dense Indian forest.

It comes in a safe and secured glass bottle. So, long-lasting!

The speciality of Bharat’s multiflora honey is in its collection and handling process.

It is collected directly from the source and handled well right from the hive. As a result, the rawness is evident from its aroma.

As a whole, Bharat’s Forest Honey is an ideal choice for medicinal purposes and a fantastic treat of sweetness for all.

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  1. Anshu Vashisth

    awsome exoerience

  2. Anonymous

  3. ramkishore p

    Amazing products

  4. ABdul Raheem

  5. Jawaid Khan Warsi

    Customers care is very good proper attention is given


Multiflora forest honey comes from pollution-free deep forest areas which are home to various floral sources.

Similarly, it includes rich herbs and medicinal plants in large quantities. As a result, it offers good nutritional and medicinal values.

The rawness of multiflora forest honey is intact because we never heat, ultrafilter or add anything. Therefore, it contains bee pollen and probiotic enzymes which is very beneficial to one’s health.

To add more value to it, now Multiflora forest honey is coming in a glass bottle which preserves its natural properties for a long.

What is unique about Multiflora Honey?

Its aroma and taste give you the feeling of rawness which makes it stand out in the market.

The uniqueness of procuring multiflora Himalayan forest honey is that we directly collect it from the source. Therefore, there is no mediator or middleman for manipulation.

The dominant and very beneficial flowers of multiflora organic forest honey are curry leaves tree flowers, Bansa flowers, starflowers, Furly flowers. These are local names. Likewise, our main area of procurement is from northern India.

In conclusion, Multifloral pure forest honey is sweet, light amber colour and has a thick texture. The taste ranges from mild to rich.

There are various benefits of multiflora forest honey. So, if you would like to read more about it, then here is the valuable details and knowledge of forest honey.

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1 review for Multiflora Forest Honey (Glass Jar) 350g

  1. Kamal Kumar Dutta

    Taste of Bharat forest honey seems to me a rare experience. It’s texture, flavour and taste is awesome.

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