Kalonji Oil

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Kalonji Oil

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Bharat’s Kalonji oil is cold-pressed extra virgin oil that retains all the nutritional values intact to enjoy its full benefits.

It is 100 % natural black seed oil.

No chemicals and no preservatives! It is totally pure.

Kalonji oil may help in various diseases and overall health nourishment.

It contains two very important components like Nigella and Melanin which are known to contain essential nutrients.

Bharat’s Kalonji oil may be useful for boosting immunity.

It may be useful for diabetes, allergy, joint pains, arthritis, stomach problems, acidity and constipation, kidney pain and infection, headache, falling hairs, anaemia, cough and cold, skin diseases, lack of sleep, and much more.

You can use it internally and externally too!

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    I don’t know much about purity of Honey but I can say that it’s the best honey I have tested ever. And it’s my 4th order till now from Bharat honey.
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    Really Good Service, And The Product is Awesome, Try Once If Anyone wants Pure Honey


Bharat’s Kalonji oil contains minerals, vitamins, dietary fibre, carbohydrate fat, amino acids, sodium, calcium, and potassium that may help in maintaining overall health.

It is also known as black seed oil which belongs to the buttercup family of plants. Apart from its uses in culinary, it is also popular for its medicinal properties.

Furthermore, it contains anti-oxidant which is known to help in diseases like obesity, diabetes, weight loss, asthma, and heart-related ailments.

The anti-oxidant present in it may also keep free radicals away, this may help in preventing cell damage.

It has a history of usage as a natural helpful remedy for various diseases.

This Kalonji oil comes in light amber colour which you can use for body massage, making various beauty products, and in cooking.

Therefore, it may help as a remedy for many ailments and healthy nourishment.

What does it contain?

It contains two important and healing contents like Nigella and melanin which is popular for providing several medicinal properties.

Here is the list of Black seed or Kalonji oil benefits:

Kalonji oil for diabetes: It is very effective in regulating blood sugar levels. So, diabetics can take it to control their diabetic condition.

Use it for skin problems:

It is helpful for glowing skin and prevents acne, scars, blemish skin. So, use it by applying a little on your face skin gently every day for clear skin.

Boosting your immune system:

As it includes rich antioxidant which helps in boosting your immune system and protecting from various virus and infection.

Say goodbye to constipation:

Using Kalonji oil regularly help you from constipation problem smoothly and easily.

Relief from cough and cold:

Just a few drops in your tea or coffee help you feel relieved from cough and cold and asthma too.

Boost your memory:

It helps in improving your memory power and intellectual level. So, you can have it at any age.

Kalonji oil for hair: Prevents hair fall

One of the important benefits of Kalonji oil is that it helps restrict hair fall. It also helps grow long and strong hair because of its mineral, vitamins, and nutrient values.

More Benefits

In addition, it is also quite beneficial for anaemia, stomach problems, acidity and constipation, skin diseases, joint pains, and arthritis. You can use it internally or externally too.

So, give your health Bharat’s 100% natural Kalonji oil connect for a healthy and happy life!

Dosage of Bharat’s Kalonji Oil: Kalonji oil uses:

You can take 1 – 2 ml or ½ teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Or take it after food or use it as directed by your physician.


Remember Bharat’s Kalonji Oil is just a health supplement. So, enjoy its unbelievable health benefits by making it part of your regular intake.

However, don’t consider this to be the primary prescription, remember, always consult your physician for any disease or symptoms.

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