Forest Comb Honey


Forest Comb Honey

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Raw Comb Honey for sale!

We collect freshly harvested honeycombs directly from the source.

We clean it by visual inspection for any debris of bees like larvae, pollen cells etc. And pack it for you!

Edible and delicious! Offers great health benefits.

No process of filtration or any other processing. 100% raw comb in honey.

It preserves all-natural ingredients like enzymes and pollen which holds excellent health benefits.

This type of honey is very precious and rare because it requires careful handling like maintaining a lower temperature until it reaches consumers.

Note: Crystallization of raw honey is a natural phenomenon. 

This Raw Forest Comb honey may crystallize naturally when the temperature dips. Don’t panic. Keep it under sunlight to liquify.

Net Quantity – 450g

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  1. Khaled Shaikh (verified owner)

  2. Khaled Shaikh

    Item is not delivered to me

  3. Anonymous

    Omg horrible delivery company. Could you please break partnership with that unprofessional delivery company. No customer to chat and no contact number and late delivery. So many flaws are there .


We only know that honey is available in liquid form. However, it is also available in a comb form. This raw forest honeycomb cut out of the beehive directly.

It is one of the delicious chunks of raw honey keeping all its nutrients intact.

Honeycomb is hexagonal cells that honey bees make using wax to store raw honey. Bees seal it once the honey is ready by them.

The forest comb honey contains raw honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and larvae. However, the comb section that consists of honey is cut out carefully without disturbing the larvae.

Therefore, the forest comb honey includes healthy pollen, royal jelly, propolis and honey that offer invaluable benefits.




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2 reviews for Forest Comb Honey

  1. Md Amer (verified owner)

    Nice natural product

  2. Khaled Shaikh (verified owner)

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Forest Comb Honey
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