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It is prepared with natural and fresh ingredients in 100% pure & natural ajwain honey.

This simple home remedy may save lakhs of your hospital bills.

This simple looking heart-friendly remedy keeps you fit and active.

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  1. Abbas Contractor

    Having it since 4 years, excellent product, very good for heart and overall entire family has it in the morning …


  2. Anisur Rahman

    Good for reduce fat



      Thanks for valuable feedback.Your appreciation gives us strength to grow.


  3. Mohammed Khalid

    I use Nusqa e Arabia. It’s really helping me loose weight


  4. Mazhar hussain

  5. Zuber

    Good for Heart heath


  6. Amazon Customer

    Very effective



    If used regularly this is an amazing stuff.


  8. Raihan Saeed

    Very good quality product


  9. Mustaqeem A.

    Didn’t find it helpful


  10. chetan s.

    Dont consider this for weight loss. Buy the one without honey for weight loss. Good for heart


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Bharat’s Nusqa-e-Arabia is a blend of Garlic, Ginger, lemon, Apple cider vinegar and natural honey. For details please refer to our page Nusqa-e-ArabiaNusqa-e-Arabia.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Nusqa-e-Arabia (Nuskha-e-Arabia)?

Nusqa-e-Arabia is a blend of Garlic, Ginger, lemon, Apple cider vinegar and natural honey. Most importantly, it is an ancient home remedy for heart ailment, cholesterol reduction & weight management.

What is the price of NUSQA-E-ARABIA?

Nusqa-e-Arabia price is Rs. 450/- (for 500 ml)
Nusqa-e-Arabia (D) (For diabetic patients) Price is Rs. 500/- (for 500ml)

Is Nusqa-e-Arabia available online?

Yes. It is available online at &

Is Nusqa-e-Arabia (D) safe for diabetes?

Bharat’s Nusqa-e-Arabia(D) contains Raw Jamun honey.

Though Nusqa-e-Arabia has no role in managing diabetes, Diabetes patients can use it for managing heart problems and weight management.

Raw honey has a low glycaemic index compared to Common sugar.

As a result, we have not received any complaints regarding the rise of blood sugar levels after the use of Nusqa-e-Arabia so far. Still, we advise taking a physician’s advice before taking Nusqa-e-Arabia(D).

How to use Nusqa-e-Arabia for weight loss?

This ancient home remedy can reduce weight naturally. In addition, it converts the fat into available energy. For this reason, consumers feel fit after consuming Nusqa-e-Arabia.

Walking or jogging in the morning after taking Nusqa-e-Arabia, gives you fast results.

Similarly, walking 10-15 min after dinner or before going to bed is also critical in weight management.

Many people have reduced weight using Nusqa-e-Arabia by following these simple steps.

Who should use Nusqa-e-Arabia?

Use of Nusqa-e-Arabia is advisable in the following condition:

– Overweight people who want to reduce weight naturally.
– For heart-related diseases to bad cholesterol and triglyceride.
– People who are prone to heart problems, because of unhealthy food habits & less physical activity.
– For digestive problems like constipation and acidity.

How to consume Nusqa-e-Arabia?

Take 10ml in the morning on an empty stomach without water. Similarly, increase the dosage to 30ml according to body weight. After that, don’t take anything for 20-30 min. Likewise, repeat it in the evening 1/2 hour before dinner.

Do not gulp Nusqa-e-Arabia at once. sip & taste it like tea.

*Don’t stop your prescribed medicines at any time without a physician’s consultation. Nusqa-e-Arabia is just a dietary supplement, not a medicine.

What are the side effects of Nusqa-e-Arabia?

All the ingredients used are the usual kitchen ingredients. Hence, it does not have any significant side effects.

That is to say, a few minor side effects of this remedy have been indeed observed:
– Allergy with ingredients may cause swelling in the face & legs.
– Stomach pain due to acute exacerbation of acidity symptoms.
– Irritation in the throat (If improperly consumed) – Do not gulp, sip and drink it like tea.

*If allergic Discontinue the use immediately.

What are the Benefits of Nusqa-e-Arabia? (Nusqa-e-Arabia ke fayde)

– Effectively dissolves bad cholesterol and triglycerides from blood vessels.
– It relieves the symptoms of angina when used regularly.
– Helps in losing excess weight.
– Relives constipation.
– Long term use relieves acidity (short term use will elevate levels).
– Makes you feel light and active.

How Bharat’s Nusqa-e-Arabia is Made?

Bharat Unani Pharmacy is a pioneer in branding this concoction as Nusqa-e-Arabia (in 2011). This 0 block syrup is prepared using good quality ingredients under an expert’s supervision.
Nusqa-e- Arabia ingredients:

  1. GARLIC: We use well-matured peeled garlic and extract the juice using a stainless-steel juice extractor. This careful handling gives us the best quality fresh garlic juice, which supposedly has a good Allicin percentage.
  2. GINGER: Ginger has an active ingredient called gingerol. We select the cultivar which has good gingerol content. Most importantly, we use a stainless double screw juice extractor for juice extraction.
  3. LEMON: We choose full-size good quality lemon. After washing it thoroughly, we extract the juice without crushing the seeds and lemon peel. ​
  4. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Apple cider vinegar is also a critical ingredient in this formulation (most of the cheap vinegar has added acetic acid). We use 100% natural fruit vinegar to have maximum benefits.
  5. NATURAL HONEY: We use 100% Pure, raw Ajwain honey. We procure highly beneficial Ajwain honey especially for the preparation of this remedy.

Though RAW AJWAIN honey is difficult to procure, our three decades of experience and network help us procure real Ajwain honey.


How we prepare it at our factory

Firstly, Fresh juices of garlic, ginger, lemon & apple cider vinegar are poured in a giant double jacketed stainless steel tank.
Bharat’s Original Nusqa-e-Arabia
Heated to boil using steam in the jacket. Agitator prevents charring.
The aim is to evaporate out 1/4 mixture.
Through the distillation process, the evaporates are condensed.
The top layer of the condensed liquid has active ingredients.
Once 1/4th juice mixture evaporates. The top layer of the condensed liquid is mixed.
One whole day is kept for cooling.
After that, raw Ajwain honey is mixed & stirred well.

How to make Nusqa-e-Arabia at home? (Nusqa-e-Arabia recipe)
The time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

You can also Make this useful concoction at home. Normal kitchen ingredients are used in the preparation. So, here is the Nusqa-e-Arabia recipe:

Ingredients required: Garlic, Ginger, lemon apple cider vinegar and natural honey.

Materials required: Juicer, Stove, Clean vessel, Clean glass bottle

  1. Take out juices:
    Take out the juice of garlic, ginger, lemon.
  2. Prepare ingredients:
    Take 1 cup of garlic juice, 1 cup of ginger juice, 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. (4 cups)
  3. Boil the mixture:
    Pour all ingredients in a clean vessel. (except for natural honey). Boil it to reduce 1/4 of the mixture (i.e., till 3 cup remains).
  4. Allow it to cool:
    This hot mixture is allowed to cool till room temperature.
  5. Add Honey:
    Add 3 cups of honey and stir well. empty it in a glass or food-grade pet bottle.
  6. Storage:
    Store the bottle in the refrigerator

How to use Nusqa-e-Arabia (Dosage and direction for use):

Take 10ml of this concoction in the morning on an empty stomach, and 10ml in the evening i.e., one hour before dinner. Similarly, walk or jog for a better result.

What makes this concoction so useful?
​Each of its ingredients is highly beneficial for health. So, this home remedy for heart ailment is:
Garlic: Contains Allicin which reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It prevents plaque & cholesterol deposition in the blood vessels as well.
Ginger: Ginger helps manage cholesterol by converting it into bile acids. As a result, it increases the good cholesterol level in the blood.
Lemon: Contains Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. Lemon also prevents lipid peroxidation.
Apple cider vinegar: Suppresses the activity of the Renin Enzyme, hence, reduces blood pressure.
​Natural Honey: Natural, raw honey has antioxidant properties, which reduces bad cholesterol. The polyphenols control the bad cholesterol level.

The story behind the name “Nusqa-E-Arabia”

The name Nusqa-e-Arabia is first used by our company Bharat Unani pharmacy (Hyderabad) in 2011. Hence, it is popularly known as Nusqa-e-Arabia Hyderabad.
​We came across this home remedy for a heart ailment, almost a decade back when our mother was diagnosed with heart blockages.
She was advised to get an angiography done, instead, she chose to try out this home remedy for a month or two.
​Likewise, the daily use of this simple concoction helped her never to develop angina ever again.
It was this miraculous recovery that led us to decide to make this home remedy public.
Our motto for launching Nusqa-E-Arabia was not purely commercial. So, we wanted to give people a readymade & affordable home remedy, which can help people save hefty hospital bills.
We even detailed the entire process of making this remedy on our label and print advertisement. Ultimately, All this is to help people make this remedy at home if they don’t want to buy it readymade.
We wanted people to enjoy the benefits of Nusqa-e-Arabia on their own and provided the means to buy it from us if they face a roadblock in making their blend.
All in all, we received a lot of love and appreciation for making this 0 block syrup gesture.

Caution: Beware of similar names!

Many fake brands launched it with similar names using substandard ingredients. Hence, using inferior ingredients, including adulterated honey. Therefore, it gave a bad name to Nusqa-e-Arabia.
That is why we urge customers to verify the Bharat Unani Pharmacy name before buying Nusqa-e-Arabia.

We do not claim Nusqa-e-Arabia a medicine. This dietary mixture is a home remedy useful for health. Don’t consider any part of this article or website, a replacement for doctors’ advice. Though we guarantee the purity of all ingredients.


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    thi product comes under essential ..please start delivering this product during lockdown

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    Very good and nutrition tonic for health.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Nice packing good product

  6. Francis

    Awesome product, we can prepare at home also , but its time consuming so i always order from Amazon, this product really helped me from stomach acidic problem and also my cholestrol level is in control now. This is my third order …

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    Healthy drink for weight-loss but u can buy from nearby store at lowest price

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    Good for health.

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  11. chetan s.

    Dont consider this for weight loss. Buy the one without honey for weight loss. Good for heart

  12. Mustaqeem A.

    Didn’t find it helpful

  13. Raihan Saeed

    Very good quality product


    If used regularly this is an amazing stuff.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Very effective

  16. Zuber

    Good for Heart heath

  17. Mazhar hussain


  18. Mohammed Khalid

    I use Nusqa e Arabia. It’s really helping me loose weight

  19. Anisur Rahman

    Good for reduce fat


      Thanks for valuable feedback.Your appreciation gives us strength to grow.

  20. Abbas Contractor

    Having it since 4 years, excellent product, very good for heart and overall entire family has it in the morning …

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