Nusqa-e-Arabia (D)

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Bharat’s Nusqa-e-Arabia (D) is a delectable blend of juices of Garlic, Ginger, lemon, Apple cider vinegar in natural honey.

It is prepared with natural and fresh ingredients in 100% pure & natural JAMUN honey.

This simple home remedy may save lakhs of your hospital bills.

This simple looking heart-friendly remedy keeps you fit and active.

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Bharat’s Nusqa-e-Arabia is prepared with fresh and good quality ingredients. We use each ingredient carefully to maximise its benefits.​

  •  We use well-matured peeled garlic and extract the juice using a stainless-steel juice extractor. This careful handling gives us the best quality fresh garlic juice, which supposedly has a good Allicin percentage.
  • Similarly, we use good quality, fresh Ginger. Ginger has an active ingredient called gingerol. We select the cultivar which has good gingerol content. After thoroughly washing Ginger, the juice is extracted using stainless steel extractor.
  • We choose full-size good quality lemon. After washing it thoroughly, we extract the juice without crushing the seeds and lemon peel.​
  • Apple cider vinegar is also a critical ingredient in this formulation. (Most of the cheap vinegar available in the market are artificial with added acetic acid in it). We use 100% natural fruit vinegar to have maximum benefits out of it. Similarly, we use the best quality vinegar made from apple juice.

​All these fresh juices are boiled in a stainless steel reactor with an agitator to prevent the charring of ingredients. With controlled heating and stirring the juices are concentrated to the desired level. Then it is sieved using stainless steel sieve.

​It is allowed to cool down for a few hours. When it attains room temperature Raw Ajwain honey is added to double the quantity. It is again stirred to make a uniform blend Before packing it for consumers.

​Having been in the business of raw honey for three decades, we procure only the best herbal honey to be used in this home remedy. Raw JAMUN HONEY used in this concoction is highly beneficial for overall health.


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Garlic. Ginger, Lemon , Apple cider vinegar and honey
Nusqa-e-Arabia (D)
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