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NECTAR SOURCE: Acacia flower
Sweeter than other honey
Unique and delicate exotic aroma
Light golden colour
Smooth golden liquid
Pollution-free Kashmir Valley

Bharat’s Kashmir small bee honey is now available in a glass bottle. 100% safe and preserved from moisture.

It is essential to store this premier product in an airtight container for longer life. No spoilage!

The nectar of Kashmir Honey comes from the Acacia flower during its season in Kashmir Valley.

It is truly Raw and pure as it comes from the pollution-free environment. So, perfect for medicinal use.

Its unique taste and aroma give you great pleasure in life. Similarly, children love this a lot!

Bharat’s Kashmir Honey is also an ideal replacement for unhealthy candy for children.


Kashmir Honey comes from the pollution-free environment of Kashmir Valley. Acacia flower blooms largely in the Kashmir valley, so bees collect the nectar from this famous acacia flower.

Therefore, it is famous with the name Kashmir acacia honey or Himalayan honey that offers light colour premium quality natural honey.

The process of collection: Kashmir Honey

We collect Kashmir honey directly from the Kashmir valley. There is no mediator and we don’t trust procuring honey through the mediator.

It is our decades of expertise in handling honey hygienically that helps us to serve Kashmir honey in its raw form.

Children love it:

The taste, colour and texture of Kashmir Honey are appealing. Moreover, children love Kashmir Honey’s irresistible taste a lot.

Herbalist too demands Kashmir Honey as their first choice for various medicinal purpose.

As a result, it offers excellent health benefits for all.

In addition, Kashmir Honey is a treat of amazing sweetness and offers good medicinal values.

For more:

To know in details about its benefits and other rich qualities of Kashmir honey then read here.

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    This kashmir honey product is way better than the other honey products in the market. No doubt, It is a genuine product.

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