Bharat’s Kalonji Honey Prash

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Bharat’s Kalonji Honey Prash

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Bharat’s Kalonji honey Prash 300gm is 100% Natural and healthy.

It is an effective combination of Kalonji and Honey ideal for medicinal use.

It offers essential vitamins and minerals. So, it is valuable for healthy nourishment.

Similarly, for preventing diabetes, boosting memory, keeping your heart healthy, relieves asthma, constipation, controlling blood pressure, and much more.

Bharat’s Kalonji honey Prash contains raw natural honey and Kalonji, making it an exclusive nutritious product for all-round health benefits.

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Kalonji Honey Prash contains pure natural honey and organic Kalonji. This combination makes it a healthy product for managing various diseases. Also, it is a healthy nourishment too.

It has been in use traditionally and culturally in different countries for its medicinal benefits.

It includes pure honey which is full of nutrients such as antioxidants, antibacterial, vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and more.

Similarly, Kalonji or black seed contains remarkable medicinal properties like amino acids, sodium, calcium, rich in vitamins and minerals, and a lot more other healthy sources.

The blend of Kalonji and honey is a pack of nutritional sources. It is highly useful for those looking to have these two super magical stuff in one for their general health regulation.

Here are the benefits of Kalonji Honey Prash:

May help in relieving asthma:

Kalonji and honey are very beneficial for asthma patients. Both are very effective in reducing inflammation to ease respiration. It is a beneficial natural remedy to control this disease.

Improves immunity:

Both are full of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that enhances immunity. Also, it helps in increasing stamina and endurance that reduces tiredness.

It is helpful for weight loss:

Honey doesn’t have any calories as it contains natural sugars. So, there is no fear of weight gain. When you take it with Kalonji, then it will have a good result in weight loss.

Really helpful for constipation:

Kalonji with honey is a valuable source and remedy in providing relief from constipation. Furthermore, this is a readily available product to start with in order to relieve yourself even from gastric problems.

Dosage: Bharat’s Kalonji Honey Prash 300gm:

Take one spoon of Kalonji Honey Prash – 5-10 gm once or twice every day after food. Or as directed by the physician.


Bharat’s Kalonji Honey Prash 300gm is a blend of pure honey and Kalonji offers various health benefits. Therefore, you can have it in your diet as there are no side effects at all.

However, do consult your physician if the symptoms of any disease for which you are using it still appears.

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  1. Anjali

    A quality Kalonji Honey Prash product, my parents really love it. It has become a regular use for them.

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Bharat's Kalonji Honey Prash
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