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NECTAR SOURCE: Jamun flower (Syzygium Cumini)
TASTE: Slightly bitter or less sweet in taste
AROMA: Strong aroma of Jamun
COLOUR: Dark in colour
CONSISTENCY: Smooth and fairly runny
GEOGRAPHICAL REGION: Northern region of India

Bharat’s Jamun Honey now presented in a full glass bottle for longer life.

No fear of honey turning bad. As this Honey jar is well sealed and protected from moisture.

Jamun Honey is 100% pure and organic. And it is unique in the market too!

It comes from Jamun rich flower seasons that blooms in the Northern part of India.

Apart from having natural honey benefits, it also has a low glycemic index. Helpful for diabetic patients.

Bharat’s Jamun Raw Honey is a pleasure to drink for its exclusive taste and health benefits.


Bharat’s Jamun Honey is 100% pure and natural. Especially, Jamun honey in a Glass jar is absolutely safe and useful for a longer period.

Honey bees collect Jamun nectar from Jamun (Syzygium Cumini) Orchard during its flowering season.

During the Jamun season, our team directly reach out to our sources to collect the Jamun honey. After that, we hygienically procure it without heating or ultra-filtering.

So, it is a real Jamun honey, not the flavour. This clears our confusion and false belief around this.

It has a unique jambul aroma and contains abundant bee pollen. This proves the rawness of Bharat’s Jamun honey.

Features of Raw Jamun Honey:

It is dark in colour, slightly gives you bitter or less sweet in taste and has a strong aroma of Jamun. You can identify it by just smelling it. It is turbid too because it has abundant bee pollen.

About the Jamun Tree:

It bears white fragrant flowers and they are present in clusters right at the tip of the stem.

Especially it is rich in nectar and bee pollen which is an amazing treat to bees.

The flowers of Jamun tree falls in the month of May and June. Usually, during these months, there are no other flowering seasons for bees to collect the nectar.

So, this prolonged Jamun season gives them an amazing treat with rich nectar and bee pollen.

Good for diabetics:

Naturally, Jamun fruit and its seeds are very useful for managing diabetes and its symptoms. Therefore, a holistic medicine practitioner always advises Jamun fruit and its seeds for managing diabetes.

Studies have proven that even Raw Jamun honey has a low glycemic index and can lower the fasting “serum glucose” and increases fasting ‘c’ peptides.

Making it recommended and suitable food for type ‘2’ diabetes mellitus. In other words, it is a sweet blessing for diabetic patients.

Bharat’s Jamun honey is raw. So, diabetic patients can use it in small quantity with the doctor’s advice. To know more about its benefits and other features, click here to read.

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    A natural and unfiltered jamun honey. Fantastic jamun aroma and taste. A great value for many!

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Raw Jamun Honey
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