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Jamun Honey

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NECTAR SOURCE: Jamun flower (Syzygium Cumini)
TASTE: Slightly bitter or less sweet in taste
AROMA: Strong aroma of Jamun
COLOUR: Dark in colour
CONSISTENCY: Smooth and fairly runny
GEOGRAPHICAL REGION: Northern region of India

Bharat’s Jamun honey is not like any other commercial honey available in the market.

It is 100% Pure and Organic Raw honey. It is sourced from the area rich in Jamun plantation.

Its purity & rawness is evident from its natural aroma of Jamun.

Bharat’s Jamun honey is neither heated nor ultrafiltered. It can be used for medicinal purpose for various health benefits.

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When we talk about Jamun honey people get confused with Jamun flavoured honey.

Bharat’s pure Jamun honey is 100% real, natural honey collected from Jamun(Syzygium Cumini) orchards.

​During the flowering season, Bharat honey’s team reach those areas, to procure directly from the source. We have expertise in hygienic harvesting and handling of honey. we do not heat and ultra-filter it.

​The rawness of Bharat’s Jamun honey is evident from the original jambul aroma and the presence of abundant bee pollen.

Characteristic features of Jamun honey:

​It is dark in colour, slightly bitter or less sweet in taste and has a strong aroma of Jamun. one can identify it by just smelling.

Because of abundant bee pollen, It is turbid.

About Jamun flowers:

Jamun Honey

Jamun tree has small white fragrant flowers. They are present in clusters, at the tip of the stem. Jamun flowers are rich in nectar and pollen. The flowering season in northern India is during the month of May and Jun. During these months most of the other flowers have ceased to bloom.​

The long flowering season and richness of nectar in flowers is a treat for honey bees.​

Which honey bee collects Jamun nectar?​

Apis Dorsata the wild honey bees are good at collecting Jamun flowers nectar.

Most of the Jambul honey in India comes from Apis Dorsata or rock bees.​

Other honey bees like Apis Mellifera (domesticated honey bee), Apis Florea and Apis Cerena Indica also work well when the atmosphere is favourable.​

How to confirm authenticity?

Pollen test :​

In this test, bee pollen is counted using a microscope.

More than 45% of bee pollen of Syzygium Cumini confirms the authenticity.

Bharat’s Jamun honey may have more than 70% of Jamun nectar and pollen.​

What is Jamun honey?: Its Sensory analysis  

Jamun honey has unique organoleptic properties. Its aroma and after taste is unique. This property cannot be duplicated artificially that’s why the organoleptic is the critical test to confirm the authenticity. Hence the Jamun honey taste, after taste and aroma of Bharat’s Jamun honey, is the best evidence of its genuineness.

For checking the purity of honey refer to my blog How to check Purity of honey.

About the Jamun tree?​

Jamun, jambul or Syzygium Cumini tree is a 50-100 feet tall evergreen tropical tree that is native to the Indian subcontinent. Many hybrid varieties are less taller. ​

By discovering Jamun fruit’s benefits for diabetic patients, Doctors are advising Jamun fruits for diabetic patients. Jamun fruit is sweet, acrid, sour in taste. Jamun fruit is also suitable for diarrhoea symptoms. It is also astringent and diuretics.​

Even the seeds are extensively used in the preparation of many anti-diabetic herbal medicines. Leaves are oblong and have a turpentine smell. They are used in the manufacturing of soaps. Wood is water & termite resistant. The bark has 8-19% tannin hence used in dye industries.​

As a result, there is a difference between Jamun honey vs Normal honey.

Jamun Honey Benefits: ​

It has antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and many essential micronutrients which are extremely healthy for our body.​ Here is the list of Jamun honey health benefits:

  1. Routine use of raw honey is part of your healthy lifestyle.
  2. It rejuvenates the whole body. It is good for the skin, can be used to relieve cough. Its antioxidants prevent many diseases
  3. Relieve cough cold and sore throat.
  4. It calms your mind and has a sedative effect. It will give you sound sleep.
  5. Helpful in the treatment of allergies.
  6. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also helps heal skin infections.
  7. For burns, raw honey is better than any antiseptics. ( proven scientifically)
  8. Good for teeth and gums. (the only sweet which prevents cavities- because it is acidic and has an antibacterial effect)
  9. Improves digestive system. Unlike other sweets which harm the stomach lining. Raw honey soothes the stomach lining and improves digestion.
  10. Honey for weight loss: Raw honey is famous for its positive effects during weight loss. Raw honey not only suppress hunger. It also gives you instant energy when you are dieting.
  11. Raw honey can prevent cancer because of the presence of antioxidants.

Can Diabetic patients use Jamun honey?

Holistic medicine practitioner advises Jamun fruit and its seeds for diabetic patients. Jamun fruits benefits for diabetes are well known.

There are studies that have proven that even Raw Jamun honey for diabetes has a low glycemic index and can lower the fasting “serum glucose” and increases fasting ‘c’ peptides.

Making it a recommended food for type ‘2’ diabetes mellitus. In other words, It is a sweet blessing for diabetic patients.​

Bharat’s Jamun honey is raw. hence diabetic patients can use it in small quantities with the doctor’s advice. Buy the best Jamun honey online.

How to use: Jamun honey uses

Bharat’s best Jamun honey is the best replacement for white sugar for diabetic people. However, seeking advice from a doctor before consuming. ​

  1. Sweeten the tea with natural Jamun honey
  2. Take a spoon after each meal
  3. Mix one spoon in a glass of water and drink whenever you need energy
  4. If doctors allow you to eat 2spoon of sugar, then you can eat up to 6 spoons of Jamun honey. Routine consumption of Jamun Honey can help prevent body complications like weakness and pains.
  5. Mix honey with powders of cinnamon, fenugreek and Ashwagandha, It is very helpful for diabetic patients. It reduces pain and weaknesses significantly. (Dibo-Prash)

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