Bharat Honey Mini Pack of 6 – Each 50g


Bharat Honey Mini Pack of 6 – Each 50g

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Bharat Honey presents Raw Honey in a mini pack of 6.

Taste all these NMR tested Raw Honey flora varieties at once with a Bharat honey mini-pack of 6. Each bottle contains 50g of pure Honey.

The mini-pack includes honey varieties like Multiflora honey, Kashmir Acacia Honey, Sidr Honey, Litchi Honey, Jamun Honey and Eucalyptus honey.

All these floral varieties are now available in a mini pack at an affordable price. So, Taste all these delicious raw honey varieties and feel the taste difference of each floral honey.

You can now check which flora honey variety suits your taste buds before you order a big pack of your choice.









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Bharat Honey is now offering all its Raw Honey floral varieties in a mini pack of 6. Taste all of them at an affordable price.

This mini pack of 6 contains floral varieties like:

Multiflora Honey:

Multiflora Honey

It comes from the deep forest area of herbal rich flowers. They are: Bansa flowers, starflowers, Eucalyptus, furly flowers, Curry leaves tree flowers, and other flowers.

This thick liquid amber colour raw honey offers a mild to rich sweet taste.

Kashmir Honey:

kashmir Small Bee Honey

The main source of Kashmir Honey is the Acacia flower that blooms largely in the Kashmir valley.

Kashmir honey comes in a smooth golden liquid that offers a delicate exotic aroma and it is the sweetest of all.

Sidr Honey: 

Sidr Honey

The source of Sidr honey is wild Jujube flowers that blossom in desert areas. It is very popular in Yemen as Yamani Sidr Honey and has a very high cost.

It comes in dark amber colour, offers a unique aroma and has a fruity taste.

Litchi Honey:

Litchi Honey

Honey bees collect the nectar from Litchi flowers in the Litchi orchard to make the honey during its flowering season.

It is light golden in colour, gives you a very sweet taste with notes of litchi and has a thick and creamy consistency

Jamun Honey: 

Jamun Honey

Honeybees collect the nectar from the Jamun flower during the Jamun flowering season in the northern part of India.

It is dark in colour, slightly bitter and less sweet while giving a strong aroma of Jamun.

Eucalyptus Honey: 

Eucalyptus flowers offer a good amount of nectar for bees to make honey. So, Eucalyptus is collected during its flowering season from the northern part of India.

It is thick liquid and amber in colour, offering a sweet taste with a pleasant aroma.


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Bharat Honey Mini Pack of 6 - Each 50g
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