Bee Pollen 150g

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Bee Pollen 150g

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Bee Pollen is a nutritious food. It may provide all the nutrition that a human body needs.

Bharat’s Bee Pollen granule is 100% natural and useful for various health purposes like boosting immunity, weight loss, reducing bad cholesterol and more.

You can use it in the following ways:

  1. You can have one tablespoon of Raw Bee pollen after breakfast and dinner in the evening a day.
  2. Chew Raw Bee Pollen accurately and then you can swallow with water or milk directly.
  3. Even you can soak it in water for an hour and take it directly.
  4. It goes well with all your favourite food. You can mix it or use it as a topping.
  5. You can use it as topping on desserts, sandwiches, salad or sprinkle it on toast whole wheat bread (It may give you a good sour, sweet taste).
  6. Also, you can even make Bee pollen powder and use it as topping on popcorn, almonds hazelnut and fruits.


It is usually advised to take 5g to 10g or one or two tablespoons dosage a day. However, take the suggestion about the dosage from the nutritionist or physician before use.


After the first dose, if you develop an allergic reaction then consult a doctor for advice.

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Health experts consider Bee Pollen as a superfood that includes as many as 22 elements essential for the human body.

What is Bee Pollen?

Honeybees make pollen while collecting nectar from the flowers. It is nutritious because they combine their natural components like nectar, enzymes, pollen and honey to make this in a granule form.

This natural food is a good protein source for larvae (immature bee) in the hive for their growth.

Similarly, it is also a good source of nutrition for human health enhancement.

How does the beekeeper collect it?

The Beekeepers place a pollen trap at the entrance of honeyBee boxes to collect the pollen both in the morning and in the evening from all the honeybee boxes.

The pollen trap scrapes the pollen when the Honeybees enter into the beehive or honeybee boxes after foraging.

Bee Pollen Benefits:

1. Antioxidants: It May help in protecting chronic diseases and free radicals

2. Controls Cholesterol: Reduce bad cholesterol and high blood lipids

3. For a healthy Liver: It may help in boosting liver functioning and protects from toxic substances

4. Amino acids and vitamins: Good for skincare

5. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids: This may improve your metabolism

6. Enzymes and co-enzymes in Bee Pollen: Helpful for weight loss

7. Improves Hormonal levels: It is good for infertility problem

8. Anti-Inflammatory properties: It May help in wound healing and preventing infection

9. Lowers the production of omega-6 fatty acid: This may help reduce inflammation

Click here to know the complete benefits of Bee Pollen.

A protein diet for athletes:

Bee Pollen is a natural protein intake for all groups of athletes.

It contains Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Enzymes and other essential nutritious substances.

It may boost the athlete performance naturally by increasing agility, strength, stamina and particularly helps increase the muscle mass of the bodybuilder.

The best Bee pollen online

And it is the best alternative to commercial bodybuilding protein powder.

Commercial protein powder may include harmful ingredients like heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. This may cause serious diseases to athletes.


Bee Pollen is a natural product that Bees make this protein-rich food for their young bees growth. Similarly, it is a natural food protein for humans too. Particularly for the athletes. Do consult your dietician or physician before you start using Bee Pollen.

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