Multiflora honey! healthy raw honey!

Natural Multiflora Honey

Multiflora honey means bees collecting nectar from more than one flower to make honey in the comb. Generally, Honeybees find multiple flowers in forest areas for the nectar.

Therefore, multiflora honey comes from the pollution-free and deep forest areas of our country.

Geographical Location of Multiflora Honey

Multiflora honey is harvested in the pollution-free, deep forest northern region of India.

It is an ideal place for bees because they get enough contaminated free pure water, suitable climate, and other good living conditions to get a good nectar source.

Moreover, the northern forest areas are rich in herbal and medicinal plants. So, the multiflora honey offers some extraordinary nutritional benefits, and it is perfect for medicinal use. Multiflora honey really offers healthy raw honey benefits.

Details of Flowers in Forest Areas: Nectar Source for Honey Bees

  1. Curry leaves tree flowers: This plant is called sweet neem, and it is a natural medicinal plant.
  2. Bansa flowers: It has a history of its usage as a medicinal plant in India.
  3. Starflowers: This herbal plant contains omega-6 acid good for human health and reduces inflammation.
  4. Furly flowers: It is also a medicinal plant that bees get the nectar from.
  5. Shrubby plant: It blossoms in evergreen forest areas and offers a good nectar source to honeybees.
  6. Haale mara flower: Apart from the medicinal plant, it also offers abundant nectar to honeybees.
  7. Tamarind: Mostly found in the northern region and also a major source of nectar.
  8. Hongemara: It is an evergreen tree that attracts bees for nectar and pollen.
  9. Jamun tree: It produces a good amount of nectar and pollen for honeybees in the forest area.
  10. Soapnut tree: It is an excellent source of nectar.
  11. Bael tree: It produces average nectar for bees.

Ethical Ways of Harvesting Honey:

Our beekeepers use sustainable, ethical and hygienic methods of harvesting multiflora honey. 

In addition, we personally visit our sources directly and oversee the honey harvesting process.

BeeKeepers harvest honey only from the sealed comb without harming bees and their broods. So, this way honey bees can restart making honey. A sustainable method!

Similarly, they keep the bee boxes in the deep forest and near to the pure water streams for honey bees to make honey. It is organic honey, as there is no fertilizer or pesticides.

Also, they make sure to keep the bee boxes away from the roads. Otherwise, it may create a nuisance to bees which affect their honey-making activities. Beekeepers check all the natural conditions before they set bees for the nectar.

How do We Pack Multiflora Honey?

After procuring raw multiflora honey directly from the source, we remove unwanted residue carefully. We never ultrafilter honey or ultraheat it.

After this, it undergoes the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) test. This is an advanced test that detects any type of adulterants in honey. It detects any sugar feed given to bees – rice syrup, invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other modern Chinese adulterants.

Thereafter, it undergoes a pollen test to check the pollen count in multiflora honey through the microscope.

The next step is, we keep it in a closed system to keep multiflora honey safe from external spoilers.

Finally, we pack this raw pure honey for our customers to enjoy its healthy and long-lasting benefits. Therefore, Multiflora honey is really healthy raw honey!

The Natural Components of Multiflora Honey:

  1. Enzymes
  2. Vitamins
  3. Minerals
  4. Amino acids
  5. Polyphenols and flavonoids
  6. proteins

These are the raw multiflora honey components nutrition profile. Also, these are the essential nutrients that are necessary to your health.

Multiflora Honey Benefits:

  1. Antioxidant: It helps prevent free radicals and protects you from other chronic diseases.
  2. Antibacterial: Kills harmful bacteria. It solves skin problems.
  3. Anti-inflammatory: It helps reduce swelling, heals wounds and burns.
  4. It is far better than antiseptic for healing burns and other injuries.
  5. It provides you with big relief from cold and sore throat.
  6. Also, it is a healthy drink that improves digestion.


Multiflora honey is 100% natural and raw. As it comes from the deep forest and pollution-free northern region of India. Therefore, it offers good nutritional and medicinal value to your health. 

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