Kashmir Acacia Honey! The Sweetest Honey!

Kashmir Acacia Honey

Kashmir Acacia flower Honey is organic, nutritious, good for medicinal purposes as it comes from the pollution-free Kashmir valley.

Honeybees collect the nectar from the acacia flower, which is the main source of nectar for honey bees in the Kashmir valley.

What makes the Kashmir acacia honey unique and desirable is, it is delicious and has a delightful taste and aroma that fascinates children a lot in particular.

Similarly, every honey users are affectionate about Kashmir honey, so as the herbalist due to its medicinal benefits.

Nectar from Acacia Flower – Kashmir Honey:

There are two types of Honeybees in the valley. Like, Apis Cerena Indica (Native Bees) and Apis Mllifera (Domesticated Bees).

These Honeybees collect nectar from the acacia flowers, which blooms in plenty during its flowering season, mostly in the mid-month of May.

Acacia flower alone offers good medicinal benefits and has been in use for centuries. The colour of the Kashmir honey varies from slightly pink to white.

Natural Components of Kashmir Honey:

  1. Antioxidant
  2. Anti-bacterial
  3. Vitamins
  4. Minerals
  5. Magnesium
  6. And plant compounds like flavonoids

Benefits of Kashmir Acacia Honey:

Its usage is not just limited to using it in desserts, tea and water and more. However, it also finds its place in herbal and Unani medicine for its effective result.

  1. It is helpful for heart disease because of its antioxidant values.
  2. Relieve you from respiratory problems and also from cold and sore throat.
  3. Heals wounds, burns and ulcers due to its anti-bacterial property.
  4. Provides relief from stomach problems and indigestion.
  5. It can kill sweet cravings and help boost energy and lose weight.
  6. Boost the immune system as it contains Vitamins and Minerals.
  7. It keeps the free radicals away due to its powerful antioxidant components like flavonoids.

Very Popular and High in Price:

Kashmir acacia honey is very popular. Its price is higher than the other types of honey due to its health benefits and sweetness and obviously because it is harvested in the pollution-free Kashmir Valley.

Kashmir Acacia Honey Rarely Crystallizes:

Acacia Honey rarely crystallizes because it has higher fructose content. So, it would remain in liquid form for a long.

A Good Alternative to Children’s Confectionery:

We can replace these unhealthy sweet toxic confectionery with healthy natural sweets like Kashmir honey.

It goes really well with milk, chapatis, bread, peanut butter, topping on fruits, salad and yes, on ice creams. So, really yummy for children!

Above all, this raw Kashmir honey can replace table sugar in many desserts as a healthy treat.

Kashmir Bee Keepers: Harvest Honey Ethically.

They follow the sustainable method of harvesting honey, where they take riped honey from the bee boxes without harming the young or immature bees.

So, honeybees can start depositing nectar again to make honey easily.

We directly visit our sources in Kashmir valley. We educate and oversee the harvesting practices to make sure that there are no unethical practices.

Moreover, our beekeepers never provide sugar feed to bees. Similarly, due to their years of experience, they keep honey bee colonies safe and protected from parasites. Finally, harvest honey carefully and hygienically.


Acacia Flower Kashmir Honey is totally raw and hygienic procured from the pollution free-Kashmir valley directly with no mediator between. Therefore, it is a source of nutritious and healthy food for humans with good medicinal values.

Directions: httpss://g.page/Bharathoney


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