Bitter jamun Honey

Jamun flowers are rich in nectar. The nectar is slightly bitter in taste. this gives jamun honey a bitter taste.


When we talk about jamun honey people confused it with jamun flavoured honey.

Bharat’s jamun honey is 100% real, natural honey collected from Jamun(Syzygium Cumini) orchards.

​During the flowering season, Bharat honey’s team reach those areas, to procure directly from the source. We expertise in hygienic harvesting and handling of honey. we do not heat and ultra-filter it.

​The rawness of Bharat’s Jamun honey is evident from the original jambul aroma and presence of abundant bee pollen.

Characteristic features of jamun honey:

​It is dark in colour, slightly bitter or less sweet in taste and has a strong aroma of jamun. one can identify it by just smelling.

Because of abundant bee pollen, It is turbid.

About Jamun flowers:

Jamun tree has small white fragrant flowers. They are present in clusters, at the tip of the stem. Jamun flowers are rich in nectar and pollen. Flowering season in northern India is during May and June month. During these months most of the other flowers have ceased to bloom.​

Long flowering season and richness of nectar in flowers is a treat for honey bees.​

Which honey bee collects jamun nectar?​

Apis Dorsata the wild honey bees are good at collecting jamun flowers nectar.

Most of the Jambul honey in India comes from Apis Dorsata or rock bees.​

Other honey bees like Apis Mellifera (domesticated honey bee), Apis Florea and Apis Cerena Indica also work well when the atmosphere is favourable.​

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