Interesting Facts about Honey Bees

Honey Bees usually gather the nectar from flowers to make honey. Do you know that they have to suck around 2 million flowers just to make a pound of honey? The bees are the only insects which produce the food that can be eaten by the man. Here are some more interesting Honey Bee facts:

  • A Bee has to fly for 90,000 miles to get 2 million flowers for one pound of honey.
  • An average Bee can only make 1/12th of 1 tsp honey in its entire lifetime.
  • During one trip, a honey bee usually visits around 100 flowers at a time.
  • A Honey Bee colony usually has one queen and around 50,000 – 60,000 bees.
  • The male Honey Bees do not have stringers and can’t collect the honey. It is the female (worker) bees that collect the honey. The male bee only mates to produce more honey bees.
  • A Honey Bee can fly up to 6 miles in a stretch at a speed of 15 mph.
  • The size of Honey Bee’s brain is of the size of a sesame seed and yet it can remember things and understand complex calculations involved with distance and acceleration.
  • Honey Bees communicate with each other through dancing.
  • The Bees have been producing honey for almost 150 million years now.
  • The buzz of the Honey Bee is the sound that is created through their wings which beat around 11,400 times in a minute.

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