Honey Varieties in India

Floral honey varieties (Monofloral honey) is a type of honey, made from one type of flower nectar.

Most honey comes from bees foraging many different flowers: these honey are called Multiflora honey, polyfloral honey or wildflower honey.

As it is impossible to have only one type of flower in an area. Moreover, no one can restrict the bees from collecting nectar from other flowers.

Yet few flowers provide enough nectar during a short season. Hence, they can yield honey as monofloral honey.

As a result, it is an industry standard that at least 50% of nectar should be from one type of flower.

Fssai also allows honey packers to mention “floral variety” on the honey label if honey bees collect nectar from one type of flowers (more than 45%).

In addition, each Monofloral honey variety has a distinctive taste, aroma, natural sugar content, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other components related to the source of the flower.

Ultimately, the price of every monofloral honey is also different according to its taste and medicinal values.

Popular Honey Varieties in India

Not all flowers give honey. Therefore, the following are the list of flowers which has abundant nectar and can give you monofloral honey.

  • Jamun honey
  • Eucalyptus honey
  • Mustard honey
  • Ajwain honey
  • Litchi honey
  • Sidr honey
  • clover honey
  • sunflower honey
  • karanj honey
  • shesham honey
  • Jhanti honey
  • acacia honey
  • solai honey
  • cotton honey
  • Kadi Patta or sweet neem honey
  • Finally, bansa honey

Popular flowers that do not have enough nectar to make honey.

  • Mango flower
  • Rose flower
  • Lotus flower
  • Neem flower
  • finally, the Saffron flower

Types of Monofloral honey varieties available under the BHARAT HONEY label.

Apart from popular Bharat’s Multiflora honey, Bharat honey certainly sells a few authentic monofloral honey.

Here is the monofloral honey that is presently available:


In the same way, you can find different varieties of honey in the market. However, all types of honey are divided into two main categories. In short, they are monofloral and multiflora (polyfloral).

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