The reality of – honey testing at home.

Indian honey adulteration

If you browse you may find many simple methods to check the purity of honey at home. following are the most popular conventional purity tests:

  1. Water test or solubility test
  2. Thumb test
  3. flame or burn test
  4. blot test or flow on cloth test
  5. Honeycomb shape on the bottom test
  6. Ant test
  7. Dog test

As a matter of fact, all these Honey purity tests are misleading. Let’s check one by one.

Water test, Solubility test:

This is the most recommended test for checking the purity of honey at home.


Take a full glass of water and add a spoonful of honey slowly. Observe how it dissolves in water.


If honey reaches the bottom without dissolving, it’s pure


Though solubility depends on the thickness. adulterants have similar solubility to that of honey.

Thick adulterant gives the false-positive result, unripe honey gives the false-negative result. Therefore this is a misleading test.

Cross Check the fact yourself

Take liquid glucose or honey grade inverted sugar from the market. they show a positive result.

Thumb Test:

This is also a popular test to check the purity of honey.


Put a small drop of honey on the nail of the thumb. Observe whether it spreads or stay there.


Pure honey stays as a drop without spreading.


This test merely shows the density of a liquid. however, All thick liquids stay as drops without spilling.

If Natural Honey is unripe, it spreads.

In summers heat make any liquid more flowable.

therefore, this popular thumb test is misleading.

Cross Check the fact yourself

Heat a sugar-water solution or liquid glucose of invert sugar to make it thick enough and try it on your thumb.

Flame Test or burn test:

The flame test is one of the popular tests to check the purity of honey at home.

this test recommends 2 procedures

procedure 1

Take a dry matchstick and dip it in honey. Strike the matchstick against the matchbox. If it lights, your honey is pure.

Procedure 2

Take A cotton swab or currency note dip it in honey. Keep it over a flame. If It burns, your honey is pure.


Pure honey does not contain water. therefore, it burns.


Natural Honey contains around 18% water and 76% carbohydrate. as a result, Carbohydrate encourages burning, and water discourages burning.

Likewise, any adulterant similar to the composition of honey will burn in the same manner.

Cross Check the fact yourself

Try the procedure with any adulterant. It will behave like pure honey.

Blot test or Flow on cloth test

This test is popular among street sellers of fake honey.


Put a few drops of honey on blotting paper or cloth and made it flow.


Pure honey will flow away. without wetting or getting absorbed into the cloth


in fact, any higher density liquid will flow away like pure honey.

Cross Check the fact yourself

Allow any high-density liquid flow on fabric/cloth/blotting paper. It will flow away.

Honeycomb shape on the bottom test

Recently this test became a popular test on the internet. But unfortunately, this test is unscientific and misleading.


pour a little honey in an open mouth clean vessel. stir it clockwise. If the Honey is pure, The bottom of the vessel shows a honeycomb pattern because it remembers the genetic pattern.


Not even a single piece of scientific evidence supports this claim. All the thick adulterant behaves in the same manner.

Cross Check the fact yourself

Try this procedure with any thick adulterant. It will behave like pure honey.

Ant test:


Pure honey does not attract ants.


Pure honey contains natural sugars. Certainly, pure honey attracts Insects and ants.

In fact, when honey is still within the comb, honey bees make a sticky lining around the hive to protect from insects and ants.

Dog Test:


Dogs will not eat honey.


Honey is such good food. There is no reason for the dog not to eat it. However, if a dog is hungry it will eat honey if not it won’t.


All these tests are wrong and misleading. Therefore, we can’t identify the adulteration of honey at home with these purity tests

Always consider higher laboratory tests to check the purity of honey.

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