Honey and Calcium Absorption

Varieties in honey

Honey is a natural food that contains various bioactive benefits such as polyphenols to help smooth calcium absorption to strengthen the bones.

Polyphenols are natural compound, they are antioxidant that combat diseases and potential damage to the body.

Also, The sugar found in Raw Honey and Vitamin D enhances the calcium abosorption in human body.

For this reason, Raw honey is the better dietary supplement to control osteoporosis in human.

What is Osteoporosis?

This is a low bone mass condition that may cause fracture or disability. So, keeping this disease away is an utmost priority for strong and healthy bone density.

Osteoporosis has affected nearly 200 million people worldwide.

In India, the numbers are estimated to be around 50 million people who are suffering from this health issue.

This is mainly caused by low intake of calcium-rich food, lack of exercise which is rare among most of the people in India and poor exposure to sunlight.

Osteoporosis is a major cause of concern that requires the immediate attention of public health authorities. They need to educate, regulate and control the effect of osteoporosis in India.

Raw Honey helps in calcium absorption:

Calcium rich food intake is crucial for health and bone development. In this case Raw Honey helps in absorption of calcium.

However the problem is that all the calcium dietary rich food doesn’t easily absorbs that may lead to lack of bone growth.

So, keeping an eye on our food diet full of Vitamin D with natural food like Raw Honey certainly helps in calcium absorption and makes our bone condition strong and healthy.

Consuming Raw Honey can also protect the bones from losing its strength and becoming weak due to its content of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and most importantly through its polyphenol content.

All in all, Raw Honey is a high potential food that serves for a healthy bone growth and its strength.

Where to get the Raw Honey for calcium absorption?

There are big honey brands, they mostly use adulterants to make honey. Therefore, instead of rendering health benefits, they pose a great threat to our health.

So, always prefer the local brand which has direct access to the source and offers varieties in honey of different flowering seasons.

Because synthetic or adulterated honey provider sticks to one type of honey and never give us the varieties in honey.


All things considered, consume calcium-rich food, exercise daily with 15 minutes exposure to the sun along with eating Raw Honey.

Remember, Raw Honey plays a supportive role to strengthen and support your bone density.

Hence, never consider this as a wholesome medicine for Osteoporosis.

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