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Bharat Honey is 100% pure and natural honey, With absolutely zero adulteration and minimal processing, Bharat Honey is free from any form of chemical additives like preservatives, antibiotics, aroma, and external colour. Hence it is ideal for medicinal use as it is medically graded honey.

Raw Honey simply means honey as present in the honeycomb. It has many essential micronutrients, including beneficial enzymes and bee pollen.

Bharat Honey is just about ‘RAW’ because it is utterly unheated, unprocessed, and unfiltered. Hence bee pollen and all essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals & live natural enzymes are intact.

Yes, Bharat Honey is 100% Pure, Natural & Organic Honey.

No, Bharat Honey is not certified as organic honey. Because genuine certification is a very expensive and complex process.
However, when you compare Bharat Honey with any certified organic honey, you will find Bharat Honey equal to or even better than the certified organic honey.

You can buy Bharat Honey (which is 100% Natural & raw honey) from bharathoney.com or amazon.in. Check the coupon codes before you proceed to check out.

Ideally, honey should be stored in a glass jar or stainless steel vessel.
Honey should be kept airtight jar or vessel. This is because, If the atmosphere is humid (RH above 48%), honey imbibes water and get fermented.
Honey should be stored in a cool place. But should not be refrigerated otherwise it may get crystallized.

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