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Natural Honey is a premier superfood, containing over 300 active substances and providing several health benefits.

It contains a host of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, plant antibiotics, biogenic stimulators, alkaloids, hormonal substances, anticancer agents and many other compounds that are extremely useful for our body.

The use of honey for health assists you in the physical and mental growth in children and it has a repairing and regenerative effect in adults.

Natural honey can improve your body’s immune system and helps you combat various diseases.

It is a well-known fact that Honey has been a favourite health care food throughout history. It has always been an essential part of many ancient systems of medicines.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular remedies of raw honey. 

For weight loss :​

Add two spoonfuls of honey to a glass of water with or without a squeeze of lemon. Drink a glass in the morning and also during the daytime, whenever you feel tired or hungry. It will suppress hunger & keep you energetic. It will also detox your body. This is one of the effective health benefits of honey.

For Cough:​

Several studies have established that honey can treat the symptoms and discomfort caused by coughing. One tablespoon of honey with a pinch of black pepper or ginger before bed can cure your cough symptoms and give you a good night’s sleep.

For heart Blockage:​

Take one cup of garlic juice, one cup of ginger juice, one cup of lemon juice and one cup of apple cider vinegar, boil this mixture for a few minutes. Allow it to cool. Then add 3 cups of natural honey. Take 5-10 ml of this mixture without water, on an empty stomach, in the mornings & evenings. Combine this with walking or jogging for better results. You will be surprised by the results. Within a few days, excess cholesterol & unwanted fat will be reduced. Angina symptoms will stop. The digestive system also improves. All these will contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle.

For Cough, Cold & Flu:​

Mix finely-ground powder of black pepper, long pepper & dry ginger in natural honey. Take this mixture whenever the symptoms of cold/flu arise. It usually relieves the symptoms immediately.  If the symptoms persist, take more of the mixture as and when necessary.

For Nausea and travelling Sickness:​

Mix 1/2 spoon of ginger powder in 1/2 cup of honey along with some lemon as per your taste preferences. Swallow a spoonful to decrease your nausea within minutes.

For Allergies:​

Adding honey in your daily diet is a proven remedy for treating seasonal allergies. The use of local honey is recommended, as it has local bee pollen.

For athletes:​

 Natural honey boosts energy and improves the performance of athletes.

As energy drink:​

Natural honey can be used as an energy drink. Especially during summer days, it will give instant energy and keep you refreshed all day long.

For Healthy Heart:​

Consuming pomegranate arils with honey will keep your heart healthy.

For Anaemia:​

Adding pure natural honey to your regular diet can help you recover from Anemia. Natural honey builds haemoglobin which is essential for the circulation of iron in your body.

For Acidity and Heartburn:​

Drinking milk sweetened with honey will reduce the symptoms of acidity or heartburn and keep your stomach healthy.

For Constipation:​

Mix one spoonful of natural honey with the fresh juice of a lemon in lukewarm water. Take this on an empty stomach in the morning, to effectively fight constipation.

For Prevention of Dental cavities and gum diseases: ​

Honey is the only sweetener that prevents dental cavities and gum diseases by holding back the bacterial growth inside the mouth.

For Insomnia : ​

Sweeten your milk with natural honey and take it half an hour before your bedtime. It produces melatonin, which calms your mind and results in a peaceful sleep.

For Sinus Infection:​

Crush three cloves of garlic and add two spoonfuls of honey. Mix it well and take it when it’s fresh. You can also add a few drops of lemon as per your taste. If you find it difficult to eat, just spread this mixture over bread and have it. It can be significantly helpful in treating a sinus infection.

For Arthritis: ​

Make a paste of Natural Honey & cinnamon powder and apply it over the painful area. Wrap a cloth around it and leave it overnight. Prepare another mixture and take ½ spoonful 2-3 times a day.

It can significantly reduce the symptoms of arthritis, without causing any side effects. 

For Cancer patients:​

For cancer patients, refined sugar is not recommended, but honey can be a great substitute. Natural honey can be selectively toxic to cancer cells, which is why natural honey should be included in the diet of cancer-recovering patients.

As Skincare:​

Add one tablespoon of milk or buttermilk to two tablespoons of honey. Allow the mixture to cool and apply it to your skin in a small circular motion. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. It naturally moisturises your skin. Repeat it twice a week to add a shiny texture to your skin. It really works.

That is why many skin care products today contain natural honey.

For Wound Healing:​

Natural Honey is a trusted topical therapy for healing wounds. It reduces infection & assists in repair mechanisms and cell growth. Many hospitals are using honey-infused bandages, for speedy healing of wounds.

In Eczema (Yeast Infection):​

Apply a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder on to the affected area. It kills the infection and keeps your skin smooth.

For Burn Injury:​

Topical application of honey on burn wounds is a better remedy than many antiseptics available in the market. Researchers have proven that natural honey not only controls infection but also assists in the repairing and healing processes. Other disinfectants only control the infection while having a retarding effect on the growth of the cells.

These are just a few benefits of raw natural honey. Many more remedies like these are in practice in different cultures throughout the ages.

All the benefits written here can be expected only from Raw, unaltered honey.

Health benefits of having honey in daily life.

In fact, just adding natural honey to your daily diet can improve your health significantly.

     1) Spread natural honey over bread, toast or chapati in your morning breakfast & also sweeten your tea with honey. This way you are replacing harmful refined sugar with a healthy natural sweetener.​

     2) Replace sweets with Natural Honey.

Sweets typically contain refined sugar, preservative chemicals, artificial colours, and synthetic flavours. That can hurt the delicate stomach lining of your children, resulting in loss of appetite & malnutrition due to the less absorption of nutrients. Whereas natural honey helps in the absorption of many nutrients thus assisting the children in their physical and mental growth.​

     3) Add a spoonful of honey during kneading of flour, cooking rice or making curry.

This tradition is present in many cultures as it makes cooked food better taste and the food stays longer without spoiling. ​

     4) Add honey to your salad.

This will add taste to your salad. While honey is all good by itself, mixing it with your salad will aid in the absorption of various nutrients from other foods.

So next time you have to choose something sweet, pick natural honey to enjoy the health benefits of honey.


All the information are compiled from various print and electronic media. Do not take any part of this website as a doctor’s prescription. Consult a physician for any disease or symptoms. 

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