What is the major difference between Bharat Honey & Other commercial Honey?

Bharat Honey is 100% pure, natural, and unprocessed. It doesn’t contain any chemical additives, preservatives, antibiotics, external color, and aroma.
On the other hand, commercial honey is adulterated with synthetic honey such as rice syrup, invert sugars or high-fructose corn syrup.
Most of the commercial honey is processed at high temperatures and then filtered for the removal of bee pollen and other visible impurities. It also contains anti-granulating chemicals for the prevention of natural granulation or crystallization process.


All Natural produce has varieties so as Natural honey. Aroma, colour and taste of honey will be different in each area depending on the flower source.
Bharat Honey delivers authentic varieties of natural honey, which can be proved by the pollen test under the microscope.
Commercial honey doesn’t have varieties. It always has the same taste, colour, and aroma as if it is made in factories. This may be the result of heavy processing or adulteration.


Bharat Honey has all nutritional and medicinal value intact. Bharat Honey can support your good health, enhance your immunity power, and help with the absorption of nutrients and minerals from other foods.
Commercial honey usually has no health benefits due to its adulterated contents. In fact, honey adulterants like rice syrup and HFCS often have links with health ailments like obesity, cardiac problems, and diabetes.


Just like any natural honey, Bharat Honey tends to crystallize and form white granules, especially in cold temperatures.
We believe in creating awareness regarding crystallization rather than ruining honey by heavy processing and adding chemicals to prevent crystallization.
On the other hand, most of the commercial honey is heavily processed and adulterated with rice syrup which doesn’t granulate or crystallizes, even if refrigerated.

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