How many types are honey bees are present in India?

There are basically five types of honeybees present in India:
Apis Dorsata – (size : 3 cm)
Wild Honey HarvestingAlso known as Rock Bee Honey, they usually make hives in open areas because they cannot be domesticated. It is the tribal people who harvest the rock bee honey. Each hive of Apis Dorsata contains around 10 to 15 kgs of honey.
Apis Florea – (size: 7mm)
Apis florea (honey bee)This type of honey bees makes their hives on trees. Alike Apis Dorsata, this honey bee mostly lives in open areas and cannot be domesticated. Each hive of Apis Florea can give about 0.2 to 1 kilograms of pure, natural honey.
Apis Cerena Indica – ( size: 9mm)
Apis cerena indicaIt is a native Indian bee that is known for making its hives in close spaces in the form of multiple plates. Unlike Apis Dorsata and Apis Florea, this honey bee can be easily domesticated. You can extract as much as 2 to 5 kgs of honey from its colony during the flowering season.
Apis Mellifera – (size: 1.5 cm)
Apis melliferaThis type of Indian honeybee is mainly used for the commercial production of honey. Beekeepers migrate them to flower-rich areas for the collection of nectar and extraction of honey. Each colony of Apis Mellifera can give about 5 to 10 kilograms of honey.
Apis Trigona – (size: 5 mm)
Apis trigonaAlso popular as the stingless bee, Apis Trigona is the smallest bee that makes small pot-like hives for collecting honey. The honey collected by this honeybee is sour, and therefore, there is no harvest of this honey for human consumption.

Bharat Honey is mainly harvested from Apis Mellifera beehives. Jamun and Multiflora Bharat Honey are extracted from the hives of Apis Dorsata or wild bees.

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