How Do You Know If Honey Is Pure?

We follow these steps to ensure the purity of Bharat honey:

1) Till today, we don’t rely on intermediaries to source our honey. We travel to each area personally to source our honey. This enables us to get raw honey directly from the fields.
2) After procurement, Honey undergoes testing in the world’s topmost laboratory ie INTERTEK (Germany).Apart from the common adulterants (Invert sugar, HFCS and rice syrup) which is added externally, these tests can even detect whether honey bees fed with sugar syrup.
3) To ensure the authentic variety, Bharat honey undergoes pollen test. In this test, honey is viewed under a microscope. If more than 50% of bee pollen belongs to one particular flower that honey is mono-floral honey (Ex Jamun Honey).
4) The AGMARK label, under which Bharat Honey packaging takes place, also signifies its purity and rawness. Honey undergoes testing before packing and after this. it releases in the market.
5) We also offer a reward of Rs. 10,000 on each bottle if any adulteration is found. We are that confident! and this will bond us even more to maintain the purity of our honey.

To know authentic information about honey testing, please go through our video ”HOW TO CHECK PURITY OF HONEY”.

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