How Bharat Honey escapes Honey processing?

Our three decades of experience help us in escaping the processing of honey.
The main quality of honey is made in nature’s factory that is “BEEHIVE”. If honey harvesting happens after proper ripening, honey does not require any processing.
Ripe honey has less moisture, hence does not require heating or pasteurization. But still, there might be some visible particles like dust, part of leaves, bee pollen chunks, bees debris or bigger wax particles etc.
Our method is to remove these particles at the source level by a method called “separation process”.
“Honey is made to stand for a day in a container then removed from the tap.
Finally, Discards the upper layer which may contain organic impurities like leaves, wax, pollen chunks, bee debris etc, including heavy impurities like dust or sand settle in the bottom “.
This simple procedure makes honey clean at the source. Then honey transported to our clean facility where it is warmed and strained to remove any remaining visible impurities.

Note: In our whole process Honey never goes beyond 45°c.

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