Does Natural Honey expires?

It is essential for you to know that natural honey doesn’t expire if stored properly. It is always recommendable to store natural honey in a cool and dry place. it should be stored in glass or stainless steel container.
As a matter of fact, Bharat Honey doesn’t have an expiry date.
However, we find “Best before” date mentioned on all honey labels, only meant to follow the label rules of food regulations.
Pure and natural honey only darkens with age, and this darkening process fastens with an increase in temperature. Honey ageing is measured by the evaluation of HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural) content in honey.
The darkening of natural honey is also a possible result of Millard’s reaction. This reaction mainly takes place between the amino acids and monosaccharides present in honey.
In spite of darkening, honey will be edible for thousands of years. Honey found in the Egyptian pyramid was edible even after 3000 long years.

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