DIY – Beeswax for Hair Protection and Style!

Beeswax contains Vitamin A and it is a great moisturizer for hair. Besides helping in hair styling it also protects your hair from heat and promotes shiny hair.

Harmful effects of hair gel for stylish hair:

All the hair gel available for stylish hair contains alcohol and harmful chemicals that causes long term damage to your hair health. This also causes your hair to become dry and brittle.

Using the hair gel reduces the hair moisture especially in the scalp. This further causes scalp irritation and sometimes headache.

Gradually you will notice hair loss and dandruff because of the chemically made hair gels. Along with this the hair turns weaker and thin.

It also affects the natural colour of your hair. As a result, your hair becomes grey too.

Beeswax for hair offers good benefits:

It provides moisture to your dry and brittle hair:

Beeswax provides a good care for broken, dry and split end types of hairs. Because of its Vitamin A content it adds moisture that strengthens and protects your hair from these conditions.

Beeswax smoothes the flyaway:

The problem of flyaway happens when your hair becomes dry. Using Beeswax to control and smooth the flyaway is the natural way to keep your hairs in style throughout the day.

Protect your hair by sealing with Beeswax:

The moment you notice dry and damaged hairs use a small amount of Beeswax to protect your hair. It will also straighten your curly ends and kink when you apply Beeswax in your hair.

You can also use it for dry scalp condition:

There has been some research which reveals that Beeswax may help in soothing a dry scalp and removes dandruff. You can apply Beeswax directly to the irritated scalp area. It protects your skin from further irritation.

Beeswax helps growing healthy hair:

Apart from helping in strengthening your hair and providing flexibility it also aids in increasing the natural hair in about 30 days. This is according to a study conducted in the year 2016.

Where can I get the Natural Beeswax?

You can get Beeswax from the beekeepers if you have the direct access to them. The second option is you can get it from online stores like

Usage of Beeswax on Hair:

If the Beeswax you have bought is solid you can melt it in a saucepan to make it semi-liquid condition.

When you are using Beeswax for the first time then take a little bit of it and rub into your hands. Then you can apply this right after the shower when your hair is slightly wet or in damp condition.

After this, you can check how best it suits in your selected hairstyle. Sometimes Beeswax may not work for everyone’s hair. If this is the case then you can consult with any hair professional for other natural alternate methods for this purpose.

How to remove Beeswax from the hair:

To remove Beeswax from the hair after applying it is very important, you got to use warm olive oil to take it off gently. If you just leave it without removing, it would build up on your hair every time you use. This may cause flakes in the hair and leads to dandruff.


Beeswax is a honey bee’s natural product which provides moisture and protection naturally to your hair. It is a great hair stylish natural product free from chemicals. Caution, use it less at a time otherwise, you may spend a lot of time in removing it from the hair.

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