DIY Beeswax Clay Modelling – A Natural Method!

Natural clay modelling

DIY Beeswax clay modelling is naturally safe, non irritant and non toxic for your children. It gives your child a different clay modeling experience!

Beeswax clay is the best alternative to the one available at the store, which you doubt and fear that it may have harmful effect for your children.

Natural Clay Modelling: How Safe and Helpful it is?

DIY Beeswax natural clay modelling is 100% safe and natural for children suitable from preschool level up until primary level.

Clay modelling keeps your children engaged. It is super fun as they get artistic and try different designs that come into their mind. Sometimes, it is also used as a stress buster!

Clay Available at Store: Not Good for Children Below 18 Months Old:

Young children of this age while playing are always tempted to eat anything they have in their hands.

Clay purchased from outside is non toxic and doesn’t harm your child if they eat little bit of it. However, if they eat large amount of clay dough then it may cause some problems.

They face problems like choking hazard and allergic reaction. Therefore, it is recommended to be always careful to supervise clay modeling activities by your child who is 18 months old.

Or, don’t provide the clay dough from the store at this age until they reach the age where they understand your advice and play it safe. Thus, the ideal age playing with clay is 2 years or above.

Beeswax with Other Ingredients: Makes it Perfect Modeling Clay!

The other ingredients that we use are Olive oil which is has been in use for years. In addition, it is a great skin moisturizer.

Lanolin oil promotes skin softening or soothing effect. Therefore, these ingredients are naturally safe for your children’s skin while they creatively design different shapes, animals and other imaginative stuff.

All in all, this is beneficial for your children’s muscle strengthening while they roll, knead, and shape the clay into different design.

Beeswax Clay Modeling: Pretty Easy to Make with Simple Ingredients:


  1. Beeswax – 450gm
  2. Olive oil – 5 tbsp
  3. Lanolin oil – 5 tbsp


  1. Put Beeswax in a saucepan and melt it well.
  2. Now add Olive and Lanolin oil to melted Beeswax and stir the mixture well.
  3. Let this cool for some time and then scoop two spoons of the mixture to check the consistency.
  4. If the texture is not soft and smooth then add some more Olive oil and lanolin oil until you feel the clay texture is perfect.

Time to Add Natural Colors:

  1. Red colourBeetroot powder provides a natural red colour.
  2. Brown colour – The natural Cocoa powder offers a perfect brown colour.
  3. Red-brownCinnamon powder gives the red-brown colour.
  4. Cream colourMaca powder offers a natural cream colour.
  5. Blue colourSpirulina powder provides with the natural blue colour.
  6. Yellow colour – Use turmeric powder to get the yellow colour.

Add any of the above natural colors to the Beeswax clay. Finally, your Beeswax modeling clay is absolutely ready!


The Clay made out of Beeswax and other natural oil is natural, safe and non toxic. So, give your child a DIY Beeswax natural clay modelling treat this time!

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