Comb Honey, Cut Comb Honey & Whipped honey

Indian consumers know only about liquid honey. However, comb honey and cut comb honey and whipped or crystallized honey are also sold worldwide. Let’s talk about this in detail:

Natural Comb Honey

Honey sold with its comb is called comb honey. It is made by installing a special frame in a bee box super.

Once the honey is made by the honey bees. It is carefully removed and packed in the box to sell as comb honey because both the comb and honey are edible.

To extract liquid honey beekeepers extract honey from the honey comb using an extractor. Whereas in comb honey it is sold as such.

For this reason, it is usually costlier than liquid honey, as it requires careful handling including maintaining the lower temperature until it reaches the consumer.

Why Comb Honey?

Comb Honey content is natural without any process of filtration or packing. Because it is cut out right from the hive or frame.

So, it preserves all its natural ingredients such as pollen and enzymes which has highly profitable health benefits.

Natural Cut Comb Honey 

It is different from the comb honey because in the comb honey the whole comb is sold, whereas, in the case of cut comb honey, it is liquid honey that has added chunks of the honeycomb in the jar.

It’s also known as “liquid–cut comb combination.” 

Cut Comb honey is made by cutting the honeycomb in a square or rectangular form and then packed for sale in a clear plastic clamshell or container or jar.

Liquid Honey  

Most of the honey sold in the market is in liquid form. When honey is ready in the bee box, It is extracted using a mechanical extractor through centrifugal force which removes honey from the comb.

Honey is then strained and sold as raw honey, or it undergoes heavy processing by big industry to make it more clear and shiny liquid.

Whipped Honey or Crystallized Honey

Natural honey

Crystallization of Honey is a natural phenomenon. This process of Crystallization is controlled to make uniform tiny crystals.

This type of honey is called whipped honey. It is easier to use on bread and goes well on top of butter mostly in breakfast.

It is 100% raw honey in a different state with its texture turning creamy and smooth form.

In many countries around the world, whipped honey is preferred to the liquid form, but in India due to a strong myth against crystallization, whipped honey is not sold.


All forms of honey, such as comb honey, cut comb honey, liquid raw honey and whipped honey are quite beneficial unless it has not gone through any heavy processing.

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