Where Can I Buy Real Honey?

Buy Real Honey

To buy real honey you should have little knowledge about honey. It is an open secret that Market is flooded with Fake or synthetic honey. The most common adulterant used nowadays is RICE SYRUP. Many big brands sell it as honey. Rice syrup can easily pass the laboratory parameters. With a high glycemic index of … Read more

“How to Check if Honey is Pure or Adulterated?” – Honey Purity Test

Benefit of Pure Honey

This article has everything you need to know about checking the purity of honey.

Importance of HMF level in Natural honey.

how to check purity of honey

HMF (5-hydroxymethylfurfural) is an organic compound formed in honey after extraction from the comb. Freshly extracted honey has a very low level of HMF. Soon after extraction of honey the HMF level increases. The speed at which the HMF level is raised depends on Processing and Storage temperature. Though HMF formation is not harmful to … Read more

Moisture content or water content in Natural honey

Pure honey

To understand the moisture content in honey, we should understand the process of honey-making by honey bees. Honeybees collects nectar from flowers to make honey. Nectar have around 70% water. A honeybee collects nectar and process it through regurgitation and deposited into hexagonal honeycomb cell. Honeybees then dry out the excess moisture through fanning by … Read more

Fiehe’s Test to Detect Adulteration in Honey

Chemical Test for Honey

To Detect adulteration of honey, fiehe’s and analine chloride are the initial tests that are carried out in the laboratory. However, there are more advanced laboratory test like NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) to detect advanced or modern honey adulterants. You can also check the complete information on how to check ‘if honey is pure or … Read more

Laboratory analysis of honey.

List of chemical laboratory test to detect adulteration of honey.

Laboratory analysis of honey is the only way one can ensure the purity of honey. In my previous post, I have explained why all the conventional or home tests for checking the purity of honey are misleading (Because they analyse only the physical nature of honey).  The Adulterants or synthetic honey manufacturers are getting updated day … Read more

The reality of – honey testing at home.

Natural Honey

If you browse you may find many simple methods to check the purity of honey at home. following are the most popular conventional purity tests: Water test or solubility test Thumb test flame or burn test blot test or flow on cloth test Honeycomb shape on the bottom test Ant test Dog test As a … Read more

Types of adulterants in Honey

Pure honey

Honey is the second most adulterated food in the world. That should make everyone alert to what is the adulteration of honey? How to find or check the adulteration of honey and common adulterants used in honey. Honey adulteration by certain top brands has become a big business to earn more profit. Furthermore, they manipulate … Read more

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