Bharat’s Kashmir small bee honey

Raw Honey

Bharat Kashmir Honey is the finest quality of honey, procured from the pollution-free Kashmir valleys.

The major source of the flower is Acacia, hence called Acacia honey.

Bharat’s honey team collects honey directly from the Kashmir valley. We are expert in handling honey hygienically, this allows us to serve honey in raw form.

Bharat Kashmir Honey is usually in high demand because of its light colour and irresistible taste. Besides being very much liked by children, this healthy and nutritious golden liquid is also a ‘honey of choice’ by herbalists.

About acacia tree:

Acacia tree is a unique tree present in Kashmir valley. It has slightly pink to white flowers. 

Flowering is during Mid-month of May. Flowering present for 10-15 days. Flowers are super-rich in nectar. Which attracts honey bees.

During this period many beekeepers keep their bee boxes on the field to collect Acacia honey.

Honey bees in Kashmir valley:

Kashmir valley has only two types of honey bees.

  • Apis Cerena Indica (Native bees)
  • Apis mellifera (Domesticated bees)

Characteristic features of acacia honey :

There are some unique features of Kashmir honey which make it really special. Following are the few reasons why people love this honey. 

  1. Light colour honey: Kashmir honey is light in colour which makes it very appealing.
  2. Sweeter than other honey. Acacia flowers have less amount of bee pollen which makes Kashmir honey sweeter compare to other honey. that is why Children love this honey.
  3.  Delicate exotic Aroma: Kashmir honey has a unique delicate aroma which appeals to everyone.
  4. Does not Crystallise easily: Acacia honey rarely crystalises. Some times it may crystallise faster maybe because of mustard flowers in the region or the presence of honey in the combs during migration. 
  5. Organic honey from pollution-free Kashmir valley: There are no big industries in Kashmir valley. It is pollution-free. And the acacia is not a cash crop, therefore, no intervention of humans or no contamination of pesticide or fertilisers.

Benefits and uses of Kashmir honey:

Use it with milk, bread and Chapatis or as a topping on salad etc. It also tastes good on ice cream. Because of its sweetness, it can very easily be replaced with sugar.

Children like this honey very much. It is the best Idea to replace it with the heavily processed harmful confectionaries.

Use it in any herbal remedies. Kashmir valley is also very much famous for medicinal and herbal plants.

  • Acts as a natural energizer for people of all ages.
  • Rejuvenates the whole body. It is good for the skin.  Helps in purifying blood.
  • Used it to relieve cough. 
  • Its antioxidants prevent many diseases
  • relive cough cold and sore throat
  • It calms your mind and has a sedative effect. It will give you sound sleep.
  • Helpful in the treatment of allergies.
  • It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Helps heal skin infections.
  • For burns, raw Honey is better than any antiseptics. ( proven scientifically)
  • Good for teeth and gums. (the only sweet which prevents cavities- because it is acidic and has an antibacterial effect)
  • Improves digestive system. Unlike other sweets which harm the stomach lining. Raw  – Honey soothes the stomach lining and improves digestion.

Make Bharat’s Kashmir honey part of your healthy lifestyle. It is really worth it. 


Benefits of honey is compiled from various print and electronic media. Do not consider any part of this website a replacement of doctor’s prescription. Consult a physician for any symptom or disease.

Though we are true to our claim and fully responsible for the purity and quality of honey. We are not authorised to give you medical advice.

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