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Best Pure Honey Multiflora
Bharat’s Multiflora Honey

Quality at a Price

Quality at price, I must say that this honey is better than Dabur, Apis, Patanjali honey brands which are selling like hotcakes.
It’s claimed to be Unadulterated pure honey. The seller ( Bharat Honey) is so confident that even 1 rupee discount is not offered.
Taste is very similar to natural honey from beehive.
However it is having some sort of scent, may be due to its multi floral extract.
One star less for the fact that no discount is available, provide some discount at deal times at least.
Packaging was fine. No damage caused to the bottle.


Absolutely pure and raw honey at affordable price

I’ve used different international brands of honey from many parts of the world. This is the best honey available in India as far as I have noticed. The taste, the aroma and the thickness is just about right.


 Finallly found honey that is worth buying.

I have quit using Dabur. This is genuinely nice honey; it is very much like the pure honey I used to eat at my dad’s village. Will repurchase it since I was satisfied with the way the honey did not burn while I performed a purity test on it. I also found it great for skin facials and masks as it was viscous and acted as a great humectant. I am unsure whether this is antibiotic free honey but I know based on thorough research and purity tests that this is a good deal.I will come back for this again and again.

A . Bharat Honey review by amazon – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Great honey. Viscosity and sweetness is perfect.

Just got my bottle of Bharat honey today. I love honey and have tasted a lot of organic brand’s honey. This beats all. Others were more costly. The taste and aroma is perfect and I’m going to try their Kashmir honey as well as Sidr honey variety. They also have it mentioned on the pamphlet that they’ll give 10k to anyone who proves this honey is fake. Lol

Amazon customer


Seems fine to me. Can’t be sure about the quality as I am no expert, but the consistency of this honey is thick and not runny like other products in market. It’s definitely better than dabur, patanjali etc. I will recommend people to at least try it for once.

AR – amazon customer – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 Unadulterated honey

Compared to OTC retail brands like Dabur, Patanjali, etc. This Bharat Multiflora honey is far better at every aspect from aroma to taste. The pricing is also very nominal to be very honest. At cold temperatures also it doesn’t crystallize like sugar at all. Yes, it does get bit thick as it is natural tendency of pure honey. Hope Bharat honey always maintains this great quality.

Jatin – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 It’s a real honey

Free from adulation. Texture, flavour thickness is excellent.
Well satisfied.
First time I got this honey at one of the medical stores but second time when again I wanted to buy it. It was not available at any medical store so I searched it on amazon and fortunately its available at amazon.
So second time I buy it from amazon at good price.
It feels me pure taste of honey. Thank you amazon

Mohd Azam – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 Purely natural honey.

It is purely natural honey. Im from a village and I have the experience of making and consuming natural honey. I have also purchased honey from market and other companies but this Bharat honey is above all… Its just amazing.

S K NASIM ALI – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Pure high quality Honey ???

Best quality pure Honey at best Price….Just open it and take a spoonful of it and you will know it’s purity instantly and you will be delighted. Buy it and you won’t regret…I wish they retain this quality always as it is now.

Rajesh – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 Kudos to the manufacturer….

To tell the truth I’m not someone who likes to give reviews. But given the choice am compelled to do so since this is one of those products which combine quality and quantity in one. Had purchased this honey a few months ago, so I’m writing the review after using this for a while now. Kudos to the manufacturer….

Deena M – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 This taste remind me of old days

Man, what a delicious taste is this! It is pure honey.. same as we used to have years back in local small towns vendor. I have been using Dabur honey since years.. but this is way better than Dabur & others. anyday, I would recommend this over any brand.

Amazon customer – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 Superb quality ? honey

Feels and taste totally pure . . . only thing wanna say please reduce a bit in your pricing. Rest is fine.

Pranav Kumar – Amazon customer – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

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Great taste and texture

I like the taste of this and Jamun variant as well and I do think it’s pure as well. Although can’t claim it that it’s 100% pure but I like the texture as well as taste.
For quite many months I am either consuming this or Zandhu honey which I also find good.

Sugam Sood – amazon Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 Pure magic

This honey is really good and I like it very much, have wasted my money in other brands.

Sundar – amazon Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 Really pure Honey

Very good for daily use.
Value for money.

Bharat kumar – Amazon Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

 Just go for it

Hands down the best honey I have tasted! It’s thick, viscous and has taste, unlike the coloured sugar syrup of other brands (Dabur, I’m looking at you). Obviously this will be my go to brand. It is Agmark certified.

F Erricson – amazon Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Make a habit of purchasing it

We can find a clear differenciation between Bharat Honey and all other major branded honey products in terms of quality,colour,taste…
After tasting it for the first time your taste buds will recognize the purity in it..

Jonnalagadda – Bharat Honey review by amazon Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Without a doubt you can go ahead and but it

I can not give more than 5 stars or I would have ! It doesnot taste overly sweet and is pure in quality. I use it almost everyday ?

Namrata – Amazon Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Purest honey available

I have bought this brand twice and it meets expectations consistently. The best honey available online

Afshan zarine – Amazon verified buyer

Small Bee Honey Online
Bharat’s Kashmir honey

100% pure and authentic product

It’s the best honey I have ever used the best part is that I have received Dec month packed product which is latest.
The packing was good so I can say that product is genuine.
A must buy.

Raghvesh thakur – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Authentic organic honey

Product seems authentic. Doesn’t taste way too sweet which means there’s no added sugar. I’ve already used 3 jars of this honey. Now if they maintain the quality, I’m gonna keep ordering again and again.

Abs Kul – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

My search for good honey ends here.

Honey, pure honey, I had tasted when I was a kid in my village. In fact, we used to squeeze it from honey comb directly into our mouth.
Bharath honey, though not 100 percent matches to that, it’s really a quality product. I have done repeat purchase of this product. Price on the higher side though.

Theresa –

very good product, should be available in Prime Category….

its really a nice honey, quite expensive but ok…. I would like to request Amazon to bring this product under Prime Service..Plz..

Viduanand –

Amazing taste and quality with pure natural honey and best stuff for medical use and I strongly recomend for honey lovers

Very good and natura taste and thickness also good
Before this i used other honey but now im seeing the actual pure honey
If somebody is using other honey please try bharat honey it is natural and pure
Thank you bharat unani
Keep it up.

Verified amazon buyer –

World class Product

World class product. Excellent quality and taste with 100% authenticity.

Shadab Akhtar –

Best & natural honey comparasion to market products.

I like purity of this product.

harkesh kumar bansal –

Best and pure

Little expensive but quality speaks.. Must recommend it.

Amazon verified buyer –

 Best honey

Taste like Natural honey.

Amazon verified buyer –

 Tastes great and feels like virgin honey. Should fix the container cap flaw.

Tastes amazing and the consistency is just like the un-adulterated honey. (the one you get right out of a honey nectar).
However, the container has design flaws that will leak the residual honey from the inner-side of the cap, after pouring. To avoid this, I’ll unscrew the cap, pour the honey, and screw it back. Thanks Bharat Honey for an unadulterated product.

Nerd n crazy – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey


Pure but not 100% pure, I originally from a village and I used raw honey but this one not exact. No doubt you go for this bharath honey its better than other honey available in market

Azher – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Pure and best as is from natural beehive

I tried many honey brands, no brand is pure. And I collect honey directly from beehives with my hands. I know taste of pure honey…. After trying all brands I tried Bharat Honey, the best and pure.. My search for honey ends. I will be one of regular users of Bharat Honey from now.

Rasheed basha – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Best honey ever

Best honey ever….after trying almost every brand available in the market and online I come across this honey …..purest honey value for money try this and you guy will thank this brand for this awesome honey.

Divya singh – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Good product very natural in taste

The taste is very natural and after having it you don’t feel any harshness in your neck.
Become part of my green tea order now.

Chandresh – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Very Good product. Recommend to buy

Very Good product. Recommend to buy. Shipped from hyderabad and i live hyderabad. Shipping cost is ₹90 and too very high for local shipping. If shipping is free would really help.

Suresh kumar korukonda – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey

Not sure if it is really small be honey

Good product..Not sure if it is really small be honey. The quality is good

Rajat – Verified buyer of Bharat Honey


I use different brand honey, But this product is excellent than the other brand.


 At the top of the table

The satisfaction that u gt once u put a spoonfull of this honey in ur mouth.
I have tasted many brands, bt this one is certainly at the top of the table.

Ankit sharma –

Good quality honey

It’s a very good quality honey available in the market.

Pramod –

Real honey must buy

Same it’s a real honey.

Apsara –

Taste just like the original honey. Just go for it

After using all other commercial brands like patanjali, Dabur, Zandu etc now I m finally convinced that BHARAT UNANI PHARMACY is the only brand proving original unadulterated honey. As I came from rural background so I have tasted original honey so many times as there were so many honeycombs in our village. We used to get original honey from neighbours and even few times honeycomb is generated on our trees. So my advice to everyone give this at least one try and I m sure you will never opt for any other brand. Authenticity is also justified by d fact they are not giving even single rupee discount as they r so convinced about their genuine product.

Harsh –

Pure honey

It is really pure….i used it for 4 months….n there is no residue in the bottom of the bottle….as more of the products do….bt this one is really gud

Sana Shaikh –

Purest honey with Prove (NMR TEST)

I was little bit frustrated..I was trying lot of brands of honey..but every honey 🍯 is fake with added sugar, artificial flavours..then I came to know about NMR test..then I am trying to find a honey which is tested with NMR..Then I found it .after receiving it,I taste it.. really as long as bharat company maintain their quality,I will be permanent customer of them…thank u for pure 🍯 honey…

saikat – Amazon verified buyer

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