Bharat honey on sale! Raw honey at a genuine price.

Bharat Honey Sale! Raw and 100% Natural Pure Honey for boosting your health.

Buy honey online, the best natural honey in India that offers raw honey floral varieties to your doorstep. Delicious and mouth-watering premium honey.

Thousands of customers trust it across India for its purity, natural taste and healthy goodness. Bet you! It will remind you of your childhood days.

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Time to grab pure raw honey now!

Bharat Honey brings you a great hope of getting pure and good quality honey in the time of widespread honey adulteration.

Bharat honey is more like a hope than a brand providing pure raw honey to Indian honey customers.

So, grab a pack of pure raw honey today at and get a 10% discount on a purchase over Rs.999!

Why Only Bharat Honey – A genuine local brand:

Bharat Honey stands unique from other honey brands as it procures honey directly from the source. No middlemen!

After procuring raw honey directly, Bharat Honey packs the honey product according to its flower source and geographical indication.

Not like big brands that offer the same nature of honey, like taste, aroma and texture throughout the year.

The reason is, bees collect nectar from different flowers to make honey during different flowering seasons so it should be packed, indicating its flower source and geographical location.

Therefore, a genuine local brand can only do this and provide varieties in natural honey, like:

Kashmiri Acacia Honey: Kashmir Honey comes from the Acacia flower that blooms in the Kashmir valley.

Sidr Honey: Its nectar source is wild jujube flowers that bloom in the desert area.

Jamun Honey: Honeybee makes Jamun honey during the Jamun flower season.

Litchi Honey: It comes from the litchi flower orchard during Litchi flowering season.

Multiflora honey: The nectar comes from multiple flowers in the deep forest area.

Finally, all Bharat Honey packs get NMR tested, and its reports can be downloaded as proof here.

As a result, Bharat Honey guarantee 100% good quality organic honey. It offers a reward of Rs. 10,000 if Bharat Honey is proved adulterated. It is so confident in its offering of raw honey.

All these features are the signs of a genuine local brand. Nowadays, it is not easy to get natural honey because of widespread honey adulteration, mostly by big brands.

Honey adulteration:

There are advanced adulterants that big brands import from China to adulterate honey to boost their profit.

The advanced adulterants – invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and rice syrup, when mixed with honey to its quantity, they behave like original honey.

Unfortunately, the food regulatory authority of India, like FSSAI, doesn’t have the advanced NMR test parameter to detect this. Therefore, NMR is the only test to detect these adulterants.

Home testing failed and outdated methods:

No home testing on earth can detect the advanced Chinese adulterants in honey. However, there are honey customers who still foolishly believe in these outdated tests.

As a result, big brands are taking advantage of their ignorance to expand their honey adulteration business.

Knowledge and awareness is the key to get pure honey:

Everyone who wants to enjoy the great natural benefits of honey must know where to get pure natural honey. Here is the checklist:

  • Always look around for a local brand offering varieties of honey.
  • It must collect honey directly from the source.
  • Check if their honey is NMR tested.
  • Finally, check if that brand offers any guarantee like Bharat honey does.

Bharat Honey ticks all these checkboxes to provide raw honey:

Go over to its website and check the NMR test reports, product details and product availability and verify all the claims it makes to be a genuine honey brand. Surely, you will feel satisfied and not disappointed.


Knowledge and awareness is the key to get raw honey in today’s widespread honey adulteration market.

In brief, with this, you would help genuine beekeepers and their local honey partners delivering real honey. Otherwise, Big brands will exploit the situation and offer sugar poison in the form of honey.

Sidr Honey

Litchi honey

Multiflora Honey (NMR tested)

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