Is natural honey really available?

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People living in urban India believe that natural honey is so rare that it can’t be available.

Honey bees are present everywhere in the world. They are a compulsory need of the plant and tree world for pollination. It is nature’s process to transfer pollen grain from one flower to another flower. Without pollination, plants or trees can not grow. That is why honey bees are present, wherever plants and trees are present like the forest, agricultural lands, gardens and even in urban areas.​

During pollination, honey bees collect nectar from flowers. This is like a sweet treat from flower to honey bees in return. Honey bees convert this nectar into honey by a unique process and store it in a honeycomb as food for the bad days. they can store up to 50 times more honey than they actually need. The excess of which is extracted or taken away by human beings.​

That is how we get this sweet healing food from nature.

In India, 7,94,200 sq km area (ie 24.16% of total geographical area) is covered with forest or trees. India produces around 70,000 tonnes of natural honey per year. Out of which 25000 tonnes is exported.

“If honey bees disappear from the earth, man will have not more than 4 years to live “ Albert Einstein

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