Where Can I Buy Real Honey?

Buy Raw Honey

To buy real honey you should have little knowledge about honey.

It is an open secret that the market is flooded with Fake or synthetic honey.

Common Adulterant In Honey:

The most common adulterant used nowadays is RICE SYRUP. Many big brands sell it as honey.

Rice syrup can easily pass the laboratory parameters.

With a high glycemic index of 98, Rice syrup is more harmful than table sugar (glycemic index 65).

On 01-01-2019 FSSAI introduced strict parameters to control Adulteration in honey. But soon they removed key tests from the list. For this reason, best known to them.

It was unfortunate because, these tests like “SMR (Specific marker for rice syrup)“, “TMR (trace marker for rice syrup)” and “Foreign oligosaccharides” were the last hope for controlling adulteration.

Why most Honey brands are not trustworthy?

  • They need a huge quantity of honey at a constant price. which is not possible because of scattered production and local demands.
  • They need a lot of honey with the same colour, texture, aroma & taste. This is not possible, because colour aroma and taste vary in different areas.
  • They need honey that won’t crystallise. because crystallisation spoils the brand image. This is not possible because natural honey crystallises sooner or later.
  • They need Honey in large quantities when demand grows apart from the regular supply. Production of honey can not be increased with growing demand.

Tips to buy real honey

  • Look for a local source of honey. not from the roadside vendors but visit the direct source.
  • Search for a brand that has direct access to the source of honey. Small brands like us have direct access to the source.
  • Select a brand like us, that can offer different floral varieties of honey. Because synthetic honey brands can not offer you honey varieties.
  • Don’t fall prey to ultra-clear shiny honey. Always remember, natural honey has bee pollen.
  • Smell the honey immediately after opening the lid. if it smells like sugar it can not be honey.
  • Observe after taste and aroma if you are a regular user. Each area has a specific taste and aroma.
  • Check the other source of knowledge that will help you know how to check pure honey before you buy.


If you want real honey, You should look at other than big and famous brands.

You can buy raw organic honey at Bharat Honey

Other Useful Resources:

Directions: httpss://g.page/Bharathoney

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