What is Raw Honey?

Raw Honey

Raw honey is honey that has not undergone industrial processing. It contains live enzymes, bee pollen and the natural aroma of honey is intact.

To call a honey “raw”, It should not be given heat beyond 45°C. It is neither Filtered to remove the bee pollen.

However, mild warming and straining to remove visible impurities (remnants of plant parts and dead bees) won’t make honey processed. It would still be the best organic raw honey.

Whereas, the industry practice of honey processing involves Heating honey beyond 70 °C and ultrafiltration ( Filteration of honey through 5-50 microns).

Why is “regular honey” usually processed?

The processing of honey involves heating and ultrafiltration. Here the processing is obligatory in commercial honey. It is due to the following reasons:

  • Keeping honey in raw form carries the risk of fermentation. It is because bulk procurement requires unripe honey extracted from the comb. Unripe honey has excess moisture, which can cause fermentation. 
  • Commercial honey (Regular honey) is usually a blend of many types of honey, including synthetic honey, like rice syrup—heating honey which helps to blend and homogenise.
  • To remove the bee pollen, honey is ultrafiltered. The ultrafiltration makes honey a clear and shiny liquid. Therefore, it becomes attractive and appealing to consumers. 
  • The ultrafiltration retards the crystallisation process of honey. So, it removes all bee pollen and microelements that reduce the chances of crystallisation. 

Which brand sells Raw honey?

Though Processing is obligatory for various reasons. However, few small brands like BHARAT HONEY manage to sell raw honey. 

Packing this real honey for sale needs a lot of expertise. Also, the proper harvesting and handling is the key factor. 

BHARAT HONEY has three decades of experience in harvesting and handling honey. 

BHARAT HONEY do not blend different honey, but instead, sell each variety separately. Like Jamun honey, Kashmir honey, litchi honey, Sidr honey (wild jujube honey) etc. 

Why should you prefer Raw honey?

It has far more health benefits compared to commercial honey.

  • Bee pollen, micronutrients, antioxidants are intact. 
  • It contains active enzymes like diastase, which has various health benefits.
  • The delicate natural aroma of honey is intact.  

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