What is NMR Test for Honey? Let’s Know the Complete Information!

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NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) test is an advanced all-round testing parameter for scanning quality, adulteration and authenticity of honey. The INTERTEK laboratory which is in Germany mostly conducts the NMR test for analysing the purity of honey.

At the ground level, honey NMR test scans and tracks down the purity and content of all and any types of floral, geographical and wild or beekeepers harvested honey samples from various corners of the world.

CSE’s (Centre for Science and Environment) recent shocking investigation on honey adulteration by big brands left every honey consumer in fear. Everyone is afraid because it is related to our health and adulterated honey weakens our immune system.

Thus, it has left us no choice but to be more aware and knowledgeable while buying pure honey from the market.

Therefore, one must know the NMR test for honey and identify a local brand selling NMR-tested pure honey online or offline.

Intertek Laboratory: The World’s Trusted NMR Testing Laboratory:

Honey NMR test Machine

Intertek conducts NMR testing to detect honey adulteration. They have experts and expertise to conduct the test for decades.

The laboratory utilizes Bruker-made NMR testing instruments for scanning honey adulteration at the molecular level. Well, there are several NMR instrument manufacturers along with Bruker in the world, however, Bruker is the most desired and trusted one.

Thus, Intertek has its laboratories across the world, in India too. It uses the same instruments, experts and knowledge as they use in their German labs to conduct honey purity tests in India.

The Other Laboratories In The World:

Honey NMR Test Laboratories in the world

There are several laboratories claiming to conduct the NMR test. However, their expertise and knowledge match that of Intertek remains questionable. Therefore, you can check it out here to know the laboratories around the world and their profile in conducting the test.

Why Is The NMR Test In Great Demand For Finding Honey Adulteration?

Honey NMR test on demand

A lot of hard work goes behind making the NMR test a universally accepted test for identifying honey adulteration.

The reason is that the NMR testing instrument undergoes honey profiling. This means it has created a powerful and large-scale database to run the test for detecting honey adulteration with 100% success. Hence, honey profiling is the backbone of NMR testing.

The INTERTEK laboratory carries out a complete analysis relying on its assured data to detect whatever nature of adulterants that honey may contain.

That means the NMR test is the ultimate universal solution for detecting conventional, modern and Chinese-made complex sugar syrup adulterants.

Honey Profiling: Extremely Large Data Of Pure and Adulterated Honey Analysis:

Honey NMR test profiling

The testing happens in an efficient, effective and practical environment. Where the laboratory has loaded with nearly 18000 authentic and adulterated honey samples. These samples come from 50 different countries and around 100 botanical varieties.

It has a large analysis of geographical origin data covering 20 countries of pure honey. In the same manner, it has huge data on botanical origin honey from several counties too.

In addition, it has 1900 known adulterated kinds of honey data adulterated using sugar syrups.

The laboratory has clearly defined data on monofloral (single flower nectar) and multi-floral honey from a variety of flowers and honeydew in each country.

It has got the data on all types of honey. Including blended honey means the honey of two different countries mixed together to sell it as one industrial honey. Both types of honey undergo careful testing and then the results are saved into a large database.

Bee pollen analysis is performed to determine the botanical variety and origin of the country. Then the data is recorded to help the testing process.

Bee pollen analysis requires top expert knowledge to identify and count pollen grains from a large number of botanical or plant sources through microscopy.

The honey profiling method is validated thoroughly and universally. Therefore, this large-scale database is an extremely helpful part of catching honey adulteration.

Moreover, the laboratory regularly updates its massive database to keep the NMR test more powerful and up to date to catch any new adulterants in honey easily.

NMR Test: One-Size-Fit Test For Detecting All Adulterants:

NMR test for honey for all adultertants

Combining the huge data of natural sources of real honey and its potential adulterants from every corner of the world is what makes NMR test a complete, genuine and trusted test.

As a result, the NMR test has been acknowledged and regarded as a fingerprint test for detecting honey adulteration throughout the world.

The reason for this is, that it accurately detects the false declaration of the botanical and geographical origin of the honey.

Likewise, it detects all forms of cheap sugar syrup adulterants from C4 plants like corn and sugar cane. Likewise the C3 plants like rice, beet and wheat sugar syrups.

The Other Adulteration And Malpractices It Detects And Exposes Are:

Processing unripe honey

Unripe honey processing

Bee feeding with sugar

Honey bee feeding on sugar

Pasteurization or heavy heating of honey

Heating of Honey for adulteration

Ultrafiltration of honey

All in all, the NMR test has nearly 60 markers that are applied per honey sample. This means the NMR test scans through 60 various signs of any adulteration at the molecular level in honey. Thus, no adulterants can skip this test.

Truly, a game-changer in the time of vast honey adulteration business! As shown above, no honey brands in the world can cheat or deceive the NMR test.

NMR Test: Absolutely Essential For All Honey Brands In India:

Conducting this type of test for honey purity has become necessary or unavoidable. It is because of the large-scale honey adulteration practices of top brands in India. This food adulteration fraud came to light by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). In brief, it is a public research and advocacy organisation based in Delhi.

CSE conducted the NMR test recently. As a result, it revealed that most of the top brands in India are adulterating honey using Chinese syrup. And they are Rice Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and inverted sugar.

The goal of such an organisation is not just to encourage unadulterated honey brands in India or NMR tests passed honey in India but also to help every honey consumer eat healthy raw honey.

Though the NMR test for honey price in India is a little expensive, it should be made mandatory for all honey brands.

We should also check honey brands that passed the NMR test before selecting honey in the market. Thus, here you can check the complete and beneficial information on checking the purity of honey before you pick and choose it from the market.

What Does Critic Say About this Revelation?

NMR test for honey

The top honey brands that CSE exposed their adulterated honey blame CSE is defaming their pure honey products. They are also presenting the successful NMR test passed certificate of their honey.

But, has it been done with the trusted INTERTEK laboratory by experts using the Bruker instrument or at the laboratory where CSE conducted the test? This is something that needs confirmation!


As a general rule, the NMR honey test should be mandatory for all types of honey and honey brands before advertising and selling their honey to customers in India or abroad.

It matters a lot due to the overall health impact it has on customers. So check the NMR-certified honey in India or NMR-tested honey in India before you buy it.

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