What is Honey Processing?

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Processing of honey is a chronological procedure that involves heating, filtration and moisture reduction. Nowadays in the market mostly processed or synthetic honey is available.

Overheating of honey, Ultrafiltration and excessive moisture reduction methods would kill all the nutrients of honey.

The aim of extreme honey processing is just for commercial purposes to increase profit. However, this way of handling natural honey takes away all its essential micronutrients. Similarly, it affects the natural flavour, taste and colour of honey.

What does Raw Honey contain?

Raw Honey without processed

Raw honey contains bee pollen and bioactive compounds such as antioxidants, enzymes, and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals which play an important role in the healing and prevention of health disorders. 

People during the olden times used to consume honey by extracting directly from the beehives. The honey extracted directly from the beehive is raw honey, which is the truest form of honey. through centuries this raw form of honey has enabled humans to experience health benefits.

It is rare that we stumble upon honey that is in the raw form in the current day.

Processed Honey Harmful to Health:

Processed honey doesn’t have the medicinal properties that raw honey has. The processing (pasteurization) of honey takes away all the bee pollen and bioactive compounds reducing its health benefits. 

Honey processing involves three major steps.

  1. Heating Honey
  2. Honey Filtration
  3. Moisture Reduction

Heating Honey:

Processing of honey involves heating up to 70°C.


  1. To kill the yeast activity in the honey. 
  2. To make honey thin for filtration  

What damage it does:

honey starts losing its nutritive value when heated beyond 45°C

Honey filtration:

Honey ultra filteration

Filtration of honey is through a 10-50 micron filter.


  1. To give a smooth and shiny texture.
  2. To prevents or delay the crystallisation process of honey.

What damage it does:

Filtration removes bee pollen, which is beneficial for health.

Moisture reduction:

Honey moisture reduction

Bulk harvesting usually involves the extraction of unripe honey. Unripe honey contains excess moisture (20-25%) which is more than ripe honey(18%). this excess moisture may cause the fermentation of honey. Therefore, moisture reduction during processing is mandatory.


Heating and evaporation remove excess moisture. As a result, the shelf life of honey increases.

What Damage it does

Excess heating and evaporation take away the delicate aroma and nutritive value of honey. 

Honey never expires or goes bad, then why processing?

This is because it:

  1. Prevents fermentation
  2. Prevents or delays crystallisation of honey
  3. Makes honey texture shiny.
  4. Allows the blending of adulterants.

How BHARAT HONEY escapes honey processing?

Our three decades of experience helps us in escaping the processing of honey. 

  1. We procure only ripened honey.
  2. We handle raw honey well, right from the source. Soon after harvest, we keep honey in a container for a day and allow it to stand. The standing separates light impurities (like leaves, pollen chunks, bee debris, and wax) that float on the top layer and heavy impurities settle in the bottom. This simple separation process done at the source gives us hygienic honey (Which does not require heavy processing). 
  3. Humidity may damage the honey. therefore, we store the honey in an airtight container. Exposed honey may imbibe water. (when RH is above 48%)

How we handle honey:

As mentioned earlier, we don’t follow the industrial practice of heating or pasteurization (60-70°C) and ultrafiltration of honey. Instead, before packing, we warm(44°C) honey and strain it. The main aim of this process is just to remove any visible impurities. we are filtering Bharat honey using 200-micron mesh, which doesn’t remove the bee pollen.


Honey found on supermarket shelves is heavily processed.

Processing removes the nutritional and medicinal value of honey.

It is advisable to consume Raw or at least processed honey, for instance, Bharat honey.

Raw Honey has bee pollen, active enzymes and many essential micronutrients which are responsible for all of its health benefits. in short, processing removes the nutritional and medicinal value of honey.

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