What is Bee Pollen?

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Bee Pollen is the collection of multi-grains of Pollen mixed with bee nectar or honey. These grains are seed-like particles and are very tiny. They are mostly in yellow, black or pale colour and live at the centre of the flower.

They are male reproductive agents responsible to fertilize a plant. Bees collect these grains on their legs creating a ball-like structure. After this, they bring this ball to their hives and deposit them in the bee combs. Thus the Bee Pollen gets accumulated in the hives. These are the staple food for bees and are highly nutritious. 

Harvesting and storage of Bee pollen

We recover pollens through the trapping Process. Harvesters design the traps to fit in the beehive’s entrance to extract Bee Pollen. When a bee enters and moves out of the hives, the Pollen gets trapped.

Collecting pollen is a continuous process of a working bee throughout the day. Similarly,  this process has a defined technology but is tedious.

We could extract up to 20% max of the hive’s total accumulated bee pollen. In most cases, it is only up to 5 to 10%. The recovered product is free from any manipulation. 

The storage process:

We freeze it immediately after harvesting for storage and afterwards bringing it to the shelf to sell. A fresh Pollen has almost 10 to 12% of water.  In addition, it is also oven-dried many times to keep the moisture level low (almost 4%) to store.

Harvesters dry Bee Pollen at 30°C but always in dark to maintain the nutritional value intact and keep it free from any impurities creeping into the product.

Thus the small nugget like the crunchy yellow product forms and gets packed ready for us to use. One colony of beehives could produce up to 5-15 kg in a year in most cases. 

Dosage and usage of Bee Pollen

It will surprise you to know how a single product could have all the basic ingredients in the right proportion which a human body needs. And these are biologically active substances.

That’s the reason we consider it a superfood. The daily prescribed dosage is about 30 to 40 gm per day.

However, people can take a smaller amount for some days and see how their body is coping with the intake and later they can increase it to the prescribed level.

Furthermore, one can grind Pollen and take it with milk, honey, yoghurt, cheese, etc… 

Composition of Bee Pollen

There are over 200 such substances available in BeePollen. It’s a real boon to humankind untouched by any man-made composition or environment.

The composition of the product largely depends on the surrounding environment of a beehive; such as the flowers, plants, soil, and climatic environment. However, various studies show some major similarities in composite nutrients available in most of the pollen. 

  • Carbohydrates – 30% (digestible)
  • Proteins- 23% (includes 10% amino acids)
  • Sugar-26% (fructose and glucose)
  • Lipids-5% (includes fatty acids essential to the human body)
  • Phenolic compounds – 2% (includes flavonoids)
  • Vitamins-.07 %; including water-soluble (B1, B2, B6, and C) and fat-soluble (A, D and E)
  • Minerals-1.6%; includes Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium,  copper and manganese

(Above percentage are the approximate compositions of Bee Pollen. These nutrients constitute Bee Pollen; however, the percentage of the composition varies to the differently derived end product, factoring the environment, harvesting, processing, etc.

Characteristics or properties of Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is highly efficient in therapeutic behaviour. We use it in apitherapy due to its healing properties. The biological substances available in Pollen are highly active and quicken the healing processes in human bodies. Some properties are 

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti Fungal
  • Anti Viral
  • Local analgesic

All these properties work in two ways on the human body. First, it works as a guarding agent against any kind of unwanted changes or harmful events occurring to the human body and second, as a therapeutic product to heal a disease or expedite the healing process.

Bee Pollen’s take on disease:

Prevents blood clotting:

Bee pollen for blood clot

It prevents blood clotting in any part of our body.

Prevents Heart attack:

Bee pollen for heart blockage

Bee pollen keeps the artery clean from blockages and ensures an obstruction-free blood flow throughout the body. Thus, it helps the heart to work smoothly and frees from any ailments, reducing the chances of a heart attack.

Prevents Brain Stroke:

Pollen for brain stroke

With obstruction-free blood flow to all parts of our body, the supply of oxygen reaches each part of our body. The nerves and entire neuro-system work optimal in the presence of sufficient oxygen. So, there are rare chances of brain stroke or any nerves related problems.

Prevents Cancer:

Bee pollen for cancer

Cancer occurs when an organ remains inflamed for a prolonged period. Bee Pollen with its anti-inflammatory properties stops the inflammation and prevents the organ to become cancerous. 

Cancer Treatment:

Bee pollen for cancer treatment

When Bee Pollen is administered with the medicines while cancer treatment or post-surgery, the recovery becomes faster for the patient.

Detoxifying Liver Tissues:

Bee pollen for liver tissues

The various biological substances present in Pollen have the properties to lower the poisonous elements that crept into humans’ liver tissues. People prone to occupational hazards get exposed to an environment contaminated with; chemical compounds, heavy metals, dust, industrial gas, garbage wastes, etc… Regular intake of Pollen helps them to clean their internal system.

Building Immune System:

Bee pollen for immune system

Bee Pollen’s highly active substances and their properties help the human body’s immune system work efficiently and maintain the natural balance of the body.

Works as a Diet Supplement:

Bee pollen diet

Bee Pollen, rich with over 200 natural substances increases the level of haemoglobin and RBC in our blood and builds up our muscles. It works well as a diet supplement for children and adults with a lack of appetite, sportspersons, patients after surgery and likewise. 

Cures Depression and anxiety:

Bee pollen for depression

Bee Pollen, when administered with the antidepressant drug, lowers the dosage of medicines in a short time. It improves the overall mood of the person and infuses the desire to live life. Read the other helpful and beneficial bee products.

Uses of Bee Pollen:

Besides its direct consumption, we also use it in some advancements like:

  • A medicine in apitherapy, an alternate treatment
  • To prepare cosmetic products
  • To prepare skin ointment for treating burn wounds.

So, do not wait for any further to grab your portion of Bee Pollen. However, always make sure to buy it from a  trusted seller or a certified one where you can get the genuine and fresh pack, free from any mal-handling while processing. Stay Fit and Healthy! Stay Bee Pollen way!

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