Talbina – A Fibre Rich Healthy Breakfast (Porridge)

Talbina barley porridge

Talbina is a nutritious porridge made from whole grain barley flour powder, milk and honey that contains essential macro and micronutrients for a healthy breakfast.

The preparation of porridge using barley flour powder, milk and honey is popularly called Talbina.

‘Talbina gained its popularity due to its physical and psychological health benefits for all age groups of people.

The primary ingredient barley flour in Talbina offers wholesome and nourishing health benefits.

Therefore, Barley flour or ‘Jau’ Talbina is the most nutritious and ideal food for the elderly, young and children alike. It is worth knowing its history, nutritional profile, usage and Talbina benefits.

Origin of Talbina Prorridge:

It was a popular porridge that Arabs first made with barley flour, milk and honey. Therefore, it has a strong link with Islamic culture for both physical and psychological health.

Hadith narrates the importance of Talbina:

The prophet of Islam (PBUH) suggested using Talbinah to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and the sorrow of the heart and cure many other diseases. There are more such talbina hadith.

Ayesha (R.A) narrates that when somebody from her relatives died, she ordered Talbina porridge to be cooked and served to all. She says that the prophet of Islam (PBUH) claimed Talbina removes the sadness and sorrows from the heart of mourners who lose their loved ones.

It was also an energy food for those who were sick, as it made them feel better and recover speedily from the illness.

Therefore, even the followers of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) always ate bread made from barley and bread made from combining barley with wheat flour.

Barley flour in Talbina: A brief history:

Archaeologist believes that barley was first cultivated in Syria, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

The earliest text reveals that barley was an essential dietary food during the ancient time in these regions of the world. Barley is grown in a subtropical temperate zone.

From here, the cultivation of barley spread to Africa, Europe, Northern and Southern America and Asia and other parts of the world when people migrated from one region to the other.

In the Indian subcontinent, agriculture first started in Indus Valley, where Barley was the regular food for the Harappan civilization.

Barley nutritional profile: A source of many nutrients:

Barley flour includes nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidant Iron, Copper, Manganese, Folate, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, Phosphorus, Fiber (beta-glucan), Calories, Thiamine, Niacin, Fat, Protein and Riboflavin.

Each nutrient offers great benefits for general and overall health. It is a food for all ages and keeps everyone healthy and happy.

Milk in Talbina:

The other ingredient, milk, is a source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and potassium essential for osteoporosis and keeps your weight in check. If you are lactose intolerant, then you can use water instead of milk.

Natural Honey sweetener in Talbina:

Raw Honey is way better than table sugar. Honey contains several health components such as Vitamins, Minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are ideal for general health.

The combination of these three healthy ingredients is what makes Talbina a super wholesome healthy food.

Adding other nutrients like dates, fruits and dry fruits in Talbina:

You can also enhance its taste and nutritional value by adding dates, fruits and dry fruits nuts. Check the how to make Talbina section to know more about how to use them with Talbina.

Health Benefits of Talbina:

Helps reduce depression: Feel relaxed and calm:

Talbina for calm mind

Minerals such as magnesium, zinc and amino acid help lower depression, anxiety, stress and anger. Talbina contains these minerals that may help in reducing symptoms of depression.

Therefore, Talbina is recommended during sad events to soothe the depressed heart and help to get into a positive mode. Primarily, it is healthy food for elders’ mental health.

A healthy diet Talbina for weight loss:

Talbina for weight loss

Talbina contains high soluble fibres known as beta-glucan. Ideal for reducing appetite, which will help control unhealthy food intake, such as oily, junk and processed food, to maintain a healthy weight.

Talbina food helps one stay full for a long that reduces unwanted calories to aid in weight loss.

Helpful for lowering cholesterol:

Talbina Lowers bad cholesterol

Bad cholesterol and high blood sugar level are the two main reasons for heart ailments. Barely Talbina may help reduce bad cholesterol and control blood sugar levels due to its soluble fibres.

As a result, it may prevent damage to heart vessels and nerves.

Talbina is Good for Skin:

Talbina for skin

It has essential minerals like selenium, and its antioxidant property may protect from damaging skin cells and provide nourishing skin.

Talbina for children is an ideal food for their growth:

Talbina for children growth

It contains the minerals like calcium and iron that help children’s growth and keep them energetic and active throughout the day.

Supports bone health:

Talbina for bone health

Barley in Talbina strengthens bone structure as it has minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc. It is good for growing children and elderly people to keep their bone structure strong.

Talbina for constipation:

Talbina for constipation

It contains both soluble and insoluble fibre that will be helpful for gut health and improve the bowel or digestive system.

Helpful for diabetes as it lowers blood sugar levels:

Talbina for controlling blood sugar level

Talbina barley porridge breakfast has a low glycaemic index and is a good choice for diabetes.

In addition, it lowers insulin and blood sugar level that protects you from type 2 diabetes due to Its mineral magnesium.

Stay active and energetic with Talbina:

Talbina for energy

Start your day with Talbina porridge as breakfast to stay full and energetic. The essential minerals of Talbina keep students, employees, athletes, young and adults active throughout the day. Particularly, Talbina for athletes is a nutritious food.

Easy to make and easy to eat: How to make Talbina: Talbina Uses:

It is primarily made with Barley or Barley flour, Milk and Honey.

Talbina Ingredients:

  1. Barley
  2. Milk
  3. Natural Honey
  4. Dry fruits (optional)
  5. Fruits (optional)


  1. Take one cup of Barley and wash it.
  2. Put Barley and milk into a pot and heat it. Stir for about 5 minutes and leave it until it gets into porridge form.
  3. After every 10-minute, stir and add milk if needed to bring the porridge consistency.
  4. Once it is ready, add honey as the sweetener.
  5. You can add dry fruits as a topping, like almonds, pistachio, resins, dates, or fruits you wish to enjoy, Talbina.

Or You can order a ready to use pack of whole Barley Flour with husk from Bharat Honey.

Bharat Talbina Barley flour recipe: Easy to make!

1. Add 2-3 tablespoons of talbina flour into one cup of milk or water.

2. Put it on low flame and stir until the flour dissolves completely.

3. Keep it on low flame for about 10 minutes until it gets porridge consistency.

4. Add Natural Honey as a sweetener.

5. You can also add dry fruits or fruits as toppings to enhance its taste (Optional).

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Talbina is a nutritious food for all because of its rich ingredients like Barley, Milk and Natural Honey. So add it to the list of your wholesome and healthy food today!

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