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How do Honey Bees Make Honey?

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Honey is made by the honeybees using flowers nectar in a honeycomb. It sounds simple! However, the process of making honey is a much more difficult journey for honeybees. Honeybees work collectively as a team in the honeycomb. Their team consists of three types of honeybees in a colony: 1. Queen bee 2. Drone bee 3. Worker bee Let’s […]

Honey Varieties in India?

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Floral honey varieties (Monofloral honey) is a type of honey, made from one type of flower nectar. Most honey comes from bees foraging many different flowers. These flowers honey is called Multiflora honey or Forest Honey. Yet few flowers provide enough nectar during a short season. They can yield honey as a monofloral honey. As it is […]

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