Royal Jelly – A Historically Beneficial Bee Product!

Benefits of royal jelly

Royal Jelly as the name suggests a protein-rich special food for nurturing Queen Bee and larvae. The worker bees secrete this special creamy- white- jelly substance.

The young larvae are fed with Royal Jelly in little quantity just for the first three days of their life in the beehive.

Whereas Royal Jelly is fed to Queen Bee throughout her life, right from the stage of larva until she dies. It is the worker bees who choose and feed the larva that they want to make a Queen.

So, the designated Queen is bathed in a special cell of Royal Jelly until her complete growth. This makes Queen Bee very special in the beehive. There are other equally important and beneficial honey bee products that you may like to read.

Historical Evidence of Royal Jelly Usage:

Royal Jelly was mostly used by Maharajas of India as a highly valuable substance for their youthful life.

During the ancient time in China, Royal Jelly was in use for increasing one’s life span, for more energy and vitality. Hence it was called “food of the emperors”.

Emperors, Kings and Queens around the world used Royal Jelly for various health benefits and to prevent potential diseases.

Royal Jelly Harvesting – a Painstaking Process:

Royal Jelly harvesting method

Royal jelly is an expensive product. The reason is, it takes careful and conscious efforts of the beekeeper to harvest this.

Firstly, the beekeeper creates a separate colony without a queen. Then he makes sure that it has enough young worker bees that act as nurse bees.

The beekeeper places fake queen cups in the colony. These cups contain honey bee eggs.

The nurse bees start nurturing and raising the new queens for their new colony by filling the royal Jelly naturally in the cups.

At the precise time, in just about three to four days of development of queen larvae. Beekeepers use the suction tool to remove the Royal Jelly from the cups.

This way Beekeepers harvest about 500g of Royal Jelly from each hive.

Royal Jelly Healthy Compositions:

It is full of nutrients for health wellness. It includes; carbohydrates – 15%, Protein – 13% Water – 66%, Fatty acids 5 and other trace elements – 1%.

Most importantly, it contains collagen, which is the major source of protein for skin, veins, hair, bones, and nails. The other essential source that it has is antioxidants too.

Benefits of Royal Jelly:

1. It Bolsters Stamina:

Royal Jelly for stamina

A 2001 study conducted in Japan supports the claim that Royal Jelly increases athlete’s stamina and endurance. It also fights stress and fatigue.

This would help a lot as a natural substance for greater performance among athletes.

2. Royal Jelly Controls and Reduces the Bad Cholesterol:

Royal Jelly lowers bad cholesterol

The protein found in Royal Jelly makes sure that the cholesterol level would be in check. Hence it is a cardioprotective bee product.

A human study found that Royal Jelly intake of 3gm a day helped to reduce 14% bad LDL cholesterol levels in humans.

3. Royal Jelly as Immunity Booster:

Royal Jelly for boosting immunity

The fatty acid of Royal Jelly offers an effective antimicrobial property that kills harmful bacteria and viruses. This will enhance your immune system by reducing the potential infection too.

4. Royal Jelly for Youthful Skin and Wound Healing:

Royal Jelly for Skin and Wound healing

It contains protein collagen which helps in keeping your skin youthful and hydrated. You can use this orally to reduce the skin inflammatory conditions or topically on the skin to heal wounds.

5. It helps Lower Blood Pressure:

Royal Jelly for lowering blood pressure

Consuming Royal Jelly protects from cardiovascular diseases. It includes protein which helps in relaxing muscle cells in the arteries and veins. This helps in reducing blood pressure.

6. Its Antioxidant Property Boosts Your Brain Function:

Royal Jelly for Brain function

Royal Jelly reduces the symptoms of depression and improves memory. Its consumption removes the chemical formation in the brain which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Royal Jelly for Dry Eyes:

Royal Jelly for Dry Eyes

When you have dry eyes because of continuous exposure to a mobile phone screen, Royal jelly when taken orally may help in this condition. There is no side effect of taking Royal Jelly orally for the dry eye condition.

8. It is an Anti-Ageing Product:

Royal Jelly for Anti ageing

Treat yourself with Royal Jelly for a good and young appearing skin. In India, Maharajas used this royal bee product for increasing their lifespan. It is part of many topical skin products because it offers great results for skincare.

9. It is Useful in Treating Menopause Symptoms:

Royal jelly for menopause symptoms

Royal jelly may be effective in treating menopause conditions. Menopause causes severe health issues such as a reduction in hormones circulation. This leads to mental and physical side effects.

This will further impact your memory leading to anxiety and depression.

A study reveals the effect of Royal Jelly in controlling depression and boosting memory after menopause.

Royal Jelly Dosage and Availability:

Royal Jelly is available in three different natural forms. You can get it as a gel-like substance, powder and capsule form. You can check various brands offering this on amazon..

There were many types of research on the dosage of Royal Jelly. However, there is no set standard for its dosage. The correct research supports the intake of Royal Jelly between 300 – 600mg per day.

You can use it topically for skin infection or skin nourishment. There are various skincare products including Royal Jelly.

If you are a new user of Royal Jelly, it is better to start with a little dosage. Then check if there is any allergic reaction. If yes, then consult the doctor.

Side Effects:

Mostly, it is safe to take Royal Jelly. However, people with allergies to bee products and environmental allergies should restrain taking it. This may cause further allergic problems.


This Bee product apart from raw honey is in use since the ancient period. Furthermore, it was used for various mental and physical health benefits or ailments.

However, the health claim of using Royal Jelly is still under more research and yet to be proved.

So, do consult your physician before taking Royal Jelly as a supplement for various health benefits.

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