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What makes Raw Honey so distinct from Regular Honey?

Honey is a naturally sweet liquid that bees make in a honeycomb that has live enzymes and antioxidants. The role of the honey bee in making honey is unimaginable. Here is the main difference between raw honey vs regular honey.

Honey, as it is present in the honeycomb and extracted in a hygienic manner, is RAW HONEY.

In the olden days, people had the chance to charmingly taste the raw honey directly from the beehives. Wow! it was a wonderful moment though.

When people slowly found that the honey market is large and open to profit earning tactics. Then the regular honey took birth with the motive of profit.

Let’s dive in to know the Regular Honey?

Regular Honey or processed honey is honey that is commonly available in the market, It has undergone high heat and ultra-filtration to make it smooth and shiny. This nature of honey largely appeals to many customers in the market.

One more risk regular honey carries are It might be adulterated with synthetic honey HFCS or Rice syrup.

How does Raw Honey look like?

When honey is extracted from the honeycomb, honey has bee pollen and live enzymes. As a result, Raw Honey looks cloudy and blurred than the processed honey.

How are they different?

Raw Honey varies with its taste, aroma and texture, as a result of honeybee taking nectar from different flowers.

Our world is blessed to have a large region of forest and jungle where honeybees forage for pollination.

On the other hand, regular honey is uniform in taste, aroma and texture. It is far away from the tag of pure honey.

Honey loses its sheen and natural properties after heating at a high temperature due to the process called pasteurization.

Why is Raw Honey expensive?

During bulk production of honey, honey is usually extracted in unripe conditions. Unripe honey has a high moisture level hence it tends to spoil by fermentation. It becomes obligatory to process honey with high heat to remove moisture. This increases shelf life.

Raw honey is procured directly from the source in a ripe condition. Honey ripened in honeycomb does require processing therefore, it sets out in the market without high heating and ultrafiltration. So the careful selection of ripe honey makes the availability of Raw Honey difficult and expensive.

Is Raw Honey Safe?

Raw honey is absolutely safe except for children with the age bracket of one year or below. This is because Raw Honey may contain spores of bacteria ‘Clostridium botulinum’ which is harmful and causes food poisoning in children. Though not every honey contains these spores of bacteria for the safe side doctors advise not to consume honey by infants below one year of age.

In fact, in many traditions, honey is tasted to newborn infants but we don’t hear any bad news related to the baby falling sick because of honey.

Anyone above one year can very well combat the spores and does not fall sick even the raw honey contains Clostridium botulinum spores.

How to store Raw Honey?

Storing Raw honey is very crucial else it may become unusable.

1. For longevity, the best way is to store it in glass, stainless steel or earthen pot.

2. The bottle or vessel in which honey is stored should be airtight. Otherwise, it may get fermented.

3. It should be exposed to RH (Relative humidity) above 48% otherwise it may imbibe water and the top layer get fermented. thereby spoiling honey.

How beneficial is Raw Honey?

Raw Honey has incredible health benefits. It contains many beneficial nutrients like vitamins and minerals which are crucial for health. Furthermore, it also contains live enzymes and antioxidants which lower the risk of inflammation, heart and cancer diseases.

On the contrary, regular honey doesn’t include these properties in it. All these properties lose their value when we heat honey at a high temperature and ultra-filter it.

Where to get the Raw Honey?

The best way to get the Raw Honey will be from your local supplier or from the farmer. Or search for small brands which have access to the source of honey. Bharat honey is one such brand where you can get real raw honey.

How to judge Raw Honey and Regular Honey?

In today’s time and age people judge Raw Honey with the conventional outdated method. As substances like invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup HFCS and Chinese rice syrup. behaves like honey when tested with conventional methods.

Using the conventional method to detect the adulterants in regular honey sold in the market now is highly impossible. Because it only examines the physical nature of honey, but not its innate properties.

There is one way you can verify Raw Honey by checking if that brand is selling varieties in honey. As an illustration, only the genuine brand can sell varieties in honey but not synthetic brands.

Difference between Raw honey and organic honey?

We extract organic honey from organically certified areas. Though it may sound good it is all a commercial gimmick. The quantity of organic certified honey sold in the market nowadays is far high than in the organically certified area.

Organic honey can be at the risk of processing. If processed even organic honey comes in line with regular honey as it can not be identified easily.

Whereas raw honey has a distinct natural aroma and bee pollen content and the presence of its live enzymes is highly beneficial for human health.


Be wise and educate yourself in judging the Raw Honey yourself in the market. This ancient food will surely provide you with a lot of health benefits and saves your hospital bills.

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